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Guest Performance At One Night With The King

May 02, 2006 | Other
Although the crew of ElvisMatters is down to their very last tickets for the show "One Night With The King" on May 20th in Eindhoven, still they like to treat the visitors to a very special surprise. That night, Lee Towers, one of Graceland's official "King's Men", will do a special guest performance. Lee will sing a few of his favorite Elvis songs, backed by the big orchestra, the TCB Band, the Imperials and the Sweets. Lead singer throughout the show though, is Jenson Bloomer.

The very last tickets are available through the special One Night With The King website.

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Helbrown wrote on May 04, 2006
Is this an impersonator? As I'm travelling from England to see the show, I'll be furious if it is...!
Theo wrote on May 09, 2006
No, it isn't. Lee is a Dutch singer who started his career in the 70's and has had quite a few hits in Holland. He is an Elvis-fan and has had great succes in Holland with his cover of You'll Never Walk Alone. He also recorded an album of Elvissongs in 1994.