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Cover Art Live From The Hilton And Live From International

May 02, 2006 | Music
Here is the cover art of the upcoming importreleases "Live From The International" (audience recording of Elvis' September 6, 1971 show) and "Live From The Hilton" (audience recording of Elvis' January 31, 1974 Dinner Show) from the If label.
Narek wrote on May 02, 2006
Cover art? I'd say lack of any art. I don't know who is responsibl for these covers, but they are terrible, giftless and extremely uncreative. These guys should take a look at some Elvs forums like "Collectors" and see what cover art fans do. Any cover by them is way ahead these ones.
dismas wrote on May 02, 2006
I agree with you, Armenian Elvis. This pair of so-called "covers" wouldn't make an acceptable page of ad copy in a third-rate trade publication. If you're going to hustle this kind of stuff in exchange for someone's hard earned money, at least show a little bit of creative flair in the process.
Gladyslove wrote on May 03, 2006
I think the covers are good they present Elvis well. There are so many fans out they critices ever think if it´an import or an FTD Cd. Some say: I can make it better. But it´s funny: They will buy them, I know a few of this fans.
MR61 wrote on May 05, 2006
Hi elvis910, this isnt the hawaii suit its a different one almost the same,there are web sites available to tell you what suit for what concert dont know if i can say which one i dont want another warning so i wont mention it just surf the web and youll find it