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American Idol's Final Four Coming To Graceland

May 04, 2006 | Other
Last night on the American Idol television program on Fox, host Ryan Seacrest announced that the final four contestants for the 2005 season soon will fly to Graceland. There they will hook up with music industry executive Tommy Mottola for a mentoring session. Priscilla Presley will join them. But, following the producers wishes, EPE are waiting until they are ready to announce details before they clue you in further on the Graceland visit and the upcoming Elvis-inspired programming on American Idol.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Pedro Nuno wrote on May 04, 2006
This is too bad to be true, the upcoming program! Here it comes, an "American Idiot Show!" Next we'll be seeing Elvis selling underwear, condoms and dog's food!
Narek wrote on May 04, 2006
I'm afraid there already is Elvis underwear.
Hans Otto wrote on May 05, 2006
I agree that it's natural that Elvis, given his historical and cultural importance, gets included in current trends such as the "American Idol" TV-show. It shows the status of Elvis - not necessarily the quality of the TV-shows or artists that honour him by doing so. However, I disagree that full blooded Elvis impersonators are doing anything good to Elvis' general image. Personally I don't know of one single person who does not think these people are pathetic jerks. Actually, I believe the "Elvis-impersonators-honours-Elvis-legacy" concept fails because of two main reasons: 1. Elvis was probably one of the most talented performers who have ever walked this planet, while 99% of all Elvis impersonators have no talent at all. 2. Elvis was one true innovating original. Elvis impersonators are unoriginal per se (as they are attempting to copy someone else). In other words; How can untalented unoriginals help improve Elvis' general image? In the eyes of the general public they are just turning Elvis -and themselves - into clowns.
see see rider wrote on May 05, 2006
Maybe they'll (the final four contestants) will learn something from this experience by visiting Graceland, the home of the most Legendary figure in music, a man who needs no last name said, a man who has sold more records world wide than any other artist in history, yes folks..there is only one..The undisputed "King of Rock N' Roll" Elvis Presley. The best there is..the best there was..and the best they'll ever be....Nuf said.
Steve V wrote on May 05, 2006
This is good news. Finally! I have been waiting for American Idol to do an Elvis themed program. This is the highest rated TV show in the USA and any artist that has been featured (Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Stevie Wonder) has seen their sales gone up the following week. This can only be a good thing for Elvis and since many teens and pre-teens watch this show, this is a massive way to introduce his music to them.
emsandy wrote on May 05, 2006
honestly for me i am extremely happy there doing this but i hope that taylor doesnt ruin any elvis song
Sean Ryan wrote on May 05, 2006
I think this is great news for the Elvis world.Cant understand why anyone would disagree with this.I dont it would make any difference regarding sales figures cause the US chart goes by airplay, which is absolutely ridiculous.I think Chris is great, hope he wins.
Steve B. wrote on May 06, 2006
I just saw a tv spot for next weeks American Idol show. It says, "the four remaining will be performing songs by the legendary Elvis."
Clambake67 wrote on May 06, 2006
this is extremely long overdue.
byebye wrote on May 06, 2006
It sucks! But this is the problem with EPE and a lot of fans. They cant separate good from bad. Loyalty "in absurdum", applauding everything that gets conected with EP, believing it makes sense if Elvis´s name is printed on it. -Way to go Lisa....
Sean Ryan wrote on May 07, 2006
Jespar, maybe its you with the problem. how can this be a negative thing towards Elvis?.its the best publicity he can get.A tour of Graceland as well.biggest tv ratings in america? how can this suck?
byebye wrote on May 07, 2006
Well... I guess it´s beyond a "Sonny hangaround´s" grasp on what is negative to Elvis or not... But, since you feel Elvis and American Idol has so much in common, -Have fun!
Sean Ryan wrote on May 07, 2006
i dont see how any elvis fan can find anything negative about the best tv show in america focusing on elvis. It will be very interesting to see how the 4 perform elvis songs and also what the 3 judges think about how good elvis was and there opinions of elvis which im sure they will comment on.
Steve B. wrote on May 08, 2006
Sean, You are so correct about this. I am looking forward to the show Tuesday night.
cathyreno wrote on May 08, 2006
great publicity for EP lets keep it positive ...
ep3577 wrote on May 08, 2006
Great move EPE, This will be great for the Elvis, TV ad with Dolly and now American Idol Great publicity.
efan4ever wrote on May 08, 2006
I hope they are not going to play on Elvis's piano.
byebye wrote on May 08, 2006
-Sean, I dont see how any Elvis fan can find something positive about the worst TV show in America focusing on Elvis. It will not be interesting to see how the 4 perform Elvis songs, and also hear what the 3 judges think about Elvis, wich I´m sure the know nothing about. -Cathyreno, you cant allways expect that a positive attitude is objective. Let opinions be negative if that is what they are. If I see the ship is taking in water, I dont wanna hear -"lets be positive and play some music". (If you catch my drift?) Ps:Lisa Marie and Pricilla should be taken to court!
Steve V wrote on May 08, 2006
Jesper - think about this for a minute. This is the largests watched TV show in America. Today, many teens and pre-teens have no idea who Elvis is. On Wed, they will not only know who he is, they will have heard some of his music (hopefully preformed well!) and know what his impact was on music & pop culture. How can this possibly be negative in any way? I'm not the greatest fan of AI, but I only see this as positive and long overdue. There was no bigger American Idil than Elvis, ever!
tigerpawl wrote on May 08, 2006
I like the idea that Elvis songs will be done on Idol but I dont think the contestants will do the songs justice. Maybe Taylor Hicks will because he is the only one that sing with passion, heart and soul. I suppose they will show Elvis singing a song or two. The only thing I am fearful of is Simon Cowell saying something stupid like that was as bad as an Elvis impersonator or that sounded like Elvis singin in a lounge.
byebye wrote on May 08, 2006
It´s the wrong format. 99% of the viewers are, and never will be fans just becouse its in their faces like a commercial ad you dont want when your waching a movie. Its like draging your cool mom to the school disco. (allthough she´s hot!) It´s awkward for everyone. Only by doing something fresh like an unexpected remix or rerecording etc attracts new fans in numbers to speak of. Apart from more visitors to Graceland, this publicity is a waste. There is nothing to justify this on, since there´s no harvest to reap. Or is there a great Camden album out there who will go skyrocket?! Overexposure is like sunburn. -It can hurt! And to base an Elvis´ segment in a idol show like this is not only a vain view, it´s an insult to a genius. They are not worthy!
Steve V wrote on May 08, 2006
Jesper- I think u are being too cynical. This wont be overexposure because right now Elvis has no exposure. You cant find a damn radio station that even plays his music anymore. I look at this as nothing more than a great chance at getting his music out there and heard by millions of people. If it means some folks get turned out by it, its a good thing. I agree only Taylor Hicks may do it justice but let's see what happens. Its only a TV show. Relax.
efan4ever wrote on May 09, 2006
Who cares about any of these people. None of them are worthy of the special treatment they are recieving. It is not like their real celebrities. After this season of AI is over nobody will care about any of them. They will dissapear off the face of the earth just like the rest of the past contestants. All of those people who were there to greet them need to get a life. The show is over rated. That is just my opinion. If you find this offensive you too need to get a life.
Tony D. wrote on May 09, 2006
I find this as exciting as a stale cheese roll!!
cathyreno wrote on May 09, 2006
"abandon ship everybody abandon ship!!!" Jesper you havent seen the show yet could be good could be bad... I can't see Simon Cowell have any thing nice to say but thats expected cause of his reputation. I don't know whether I'll see it here in Ireland. lt will be interesting to see the reviews afterwards T C B
byebye wrote on May 09, 2006
-Steve, its all so ironic... It is your, AND the shows vain view on idolship that is cynical. The famous unmaking of Elvis is exactly the opposite to all this. But as I mentioned ealier.. -This is the problem with EPE and a lot of fans. (-Poor judgment, and bad taste.)This is only the first effect of the Sillerman deal.
see see rider wrote on May 10, 2006
For those of you trying to get Jesper to see the light at the end of the tunnel..you're wasting your time. It's a shame though that some have to be so negative. I think it's a brilliant idea, and (I'm not even an AI fan) for someone who's just starting out in the music business to be in the house of the King..I mean who else better to learn from? and Steve V, in my neck of the woods, Elvis still gets airplay on oldies stations, Just not the Stations that play new music.
Steve V wrote on May 10, 2006
Hi see see rider. They yanked my oldies station(WCBS-FM NYC) off the air last June for JACK-FM. There is no radio station in New York City where you can hear Elvis music. Can u believe that? Just a few local AM stations here & there. Who knows how many other radio stations across the country dropped oldies or have stopped playing Elvis! That is why I was trying to tell Jesper exposing Elvis music on AI is a good thing. Any exposure is better than no exposure.