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This Is Elvis Theatrical Release?

April 29, 2006 | Other
According to a report by Sid Shaw of Elvisly Yours the long awaited special edition of the documentary film 'This is Elvis' will be screened at cinemas in 2007. Warner Bros are said to be treating this as one of it's major projects in 2007, which marks the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' death.

Out will go much of the early film footage with the Elvis look-alikes and be replaced with more emphasis on the real Elvis and even more music. With all the new technology available today dramatic improvements have been made to a lot of Elvis film footage.
Source:The Elvis Express
Colin B wrote on April 29, 2006
Well, if they've remastered it, let's hope they've removed all those pesky 'edits' of the music !
Gladyslove wrote on April 29, 2006
We will see the result in 2007. I am patience.
JerryNodak wrote on April 30, 2006
Out will go much of the original film footage etc. You mean they're are going to change This Is Elvis from a docudrama into a concert film? Much as Elvis That's The Way It Is was changed from a film about him into a film of concert clips. In other words completely changingthe purpose/focus of both films. No thanks. I'm not interested.
Sean Ryan wrote on April 30, 2006
I just hope that Sid Shaw hasnt got anything to do with this. Thats all Elvis fans need. Why would he break the news and not EPE. I will believe this when its announced offically.
cathyreno wrote on April 30, 2006
I'm with Gladyslove we'll wait could still be good
pasa-ryu wrote on May 10, 2006
well,i hope it is gonna be released/..with more footage and the karate footage too??/but,we al been told in the past it was gonna be release,but never was!