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Hawaii 61 Book

April 27, 2006 | Book
Coming this Summer from JAT Publishing is the book entitled "Hawaii 61" featuring the U.S.S. Airizona Benefit Show. The book contains over 130 black and white and color photos, many unpublished, informative text, and comes with a special bonus CD.
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Tony C wrote on April 27, 2006
This sounds like an interesting book. The recording of the concert has always been a favourite of mine. Hopefully the book will include the cuttings that were featured on the lavish bootleg release from the seventies.
Narek wrote on April 27, 2006
I think the dea is fantastic, I'd love to have the book. As to the show, it was among the first Elvis live shows I heard, and it is really among the very best. I always wanted and still do to hear it in a better quality.
CD King wrote on April 28, 2006
If RCA / MGM or Paramount had professionally recorded and filmed this Concert. It will definately become the ULTIMATE Elvis Presley Live Show. In 1961, Elvis was in superb brilliant form, voice wise and looks. It's a great pity and too bad he had a lousy manager with no foresight.
Steve V wrote on May 30, 2006
1961 was probably Elvis greatest year vocally and physically. A man at the peak of his powers. Its a pity this and the Memphis 1961 charity show were never recorded professionally. I only hope a better sounding CD comes out on the Hawaii show. To only have it as part of the 25th anniv boxset is criminal. it should be given its proper due. By the way, fantastic cover on this book. JAT books are usually high quality.