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Elvis Presley Limited Edition

April 16, 2006 | Book
As mentioned last year, photographer Lew Allen is working on a photobook for his 1956 pictures of Elvis Presley. Genesis Publications announced the future publication of a stunning Elvis Presley limited edition book.

From the site:

Mike McCartney and Lew Allen are behind the work on this exciting new project. Mike is the editor of this large format volume which features Lew Allen's superb photographs of Elvis. Remarkably, these images are previously undiscovered and the collection includes rare shots of Buddy Holly and The Everly Brothers. Lew's photographs were taken in 1956 on a 5"x4" large format camera and therefore the image quality is astounding.

Mike and Lew have already taken the opportunity to sign the signature pages to be bound into each book.
Source:Genesis Publications