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Double Trouble Book

April 22, 2006 | Book
ElvisMatters will release their next book, entitled “Double Trouble”, on December 1, 2006. The book tells the true story behind the movie, and focuses on interviews with co-stars, a ton of pictures, news paper clippings, facts and figures. In the movie, Elvis (Guy Lambert) visits Belgium – Bruges, Antwerp, Damme – and the UK (London).
Gladyslove wrote on April 23, 2006
It is not one of the best films with our man, but it surely be good to see unpublished photos again no matter of which film.
Clambake67 wrote on April 23, 2006
I Know I am in the minority but I really enjoyed this folm. How do you go about purchasing this book>thank you.
JerryNodak wrote on April 23, 2006
Clambake67: Add me to your minority list. I, too, enjoy this film. It's just a lot of fun.
CD King wrote on April 23, 2006
Clasmbake67, Please include me in your minority list also. The Elvis movies from 1965 to 1967 were just wonderful fun entertainment. Enjoyed them all.
Tony C wrote on April 24, 2006
Me too guys, I love "Double Trouble". I will certainly buy this book.
dismas wrote on April 24, 2006
I guess you can put my name down as part of this "minority report" as well. Elvis flicks may have been derided by the snide critics and would-be "hip" press commentators of the day, but in my humble opinion, they've stood up to the test of time in far better fashion than some of the more critically well-received movies of that same era. Elvis film vehicles were made to be pure escapist entertainments; they succeeded as such then, and they continue to do so today. There's something almost timeless about them because they take place not in the real world (unlike so many so-called realistic films of the era, which have become severely dated over the years, by the way), but in some kind of parallel Elvis World where a song and a smile are always at-the-ready, good friends and beautiful women are always close-at-hand, and problems and complications are always minor and satisfactorily solved within 90 minutes time. I welcome a behind-the-scenes peek at "DT," in which Elvis looks every bit the fit and ready '60s rocker, doesn't he. And by the way, didn't Elvis and some of the Memphis Mafia work on the costume designs for this flick?