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When America Was Rocked DVD

April 13, 2006 | Video
Here is a promo DVD for the Elvis episode "When America Was Rocked" from the History Channel series "10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America". Ten documentaries by ten award-winning filmmakers, airing 4/9/06 - 4/13/06 . This region 1 DVD was sent as an advance copy for media buyers. There also is a 10 DVD box set that was sent out to the press. The DVDs will not be available in stores until this summer.

SYNOPSIS: In this illuminating DVD set, explore each of the 10 most pivotal days in American history -- the massacre at Mystic, Shay's Rebellion, the gold rush, Antietam, the strike at Andrew Carnegie's mill, the assassination of President McKinley, the scopes trial, the birth of the nuclear age, the birth of rock n' roll, and the Civil Rights movement.

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The day that Elvis appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show will forever go down in history. That one appearance ignited an ongoing, never-before-seen pop culture explosion revolving around issues of sexuality, race, class and regionality. The world was changing. That much was clear. After weathering the Depression and the war, the parental generation was concerned with stability, safety and security. The teenagers and young adults of that era saw things differently. The world was getting better. But what good was it if you couldn't enjoy it? Elvis stirred up a kind of mania in the parents who hated rock and roll, and the kids who loved it.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL takes an intimate look at the cultural and social evolution of America in the 1950s, and the huge part that music played in that evolution. Elvis stepping on stage that one night was just a moment in time - but it was the spark that fueled a new generation.