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Rare "Elvis For You" On eBay

April 12, 2006 | Music
Available on eBay is a very rare vinyl release "Elvis For You" 10 tracks album RD 7586 (P2PP 8412 1B). The album was originally scheduled for release early in 1965 but was never released. In September 1965 RCA released "Flaming Star & Summer Kisses" (RD7723) with the 2 additional tracks "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and "It's Now Or Never". The P2PP 8412 1B number is stamped in the run off grooves on both sides. The disc is m- and comes with original factory inner sleeve with the sampler still attached.

The ebay listing reads: 'By this time you should have read the information we have shown that appeared in the 'Elvis Monthly' Magazines (No.6 June 1964/No.9 September 1964/No.4 April 1965).

I first met Albert Hand (and my first wife come to that) when I went to the Elvis Convention in Brussels in 1966 (pictures of us at the Convention appear in Elvis Monthly No.80 Sep 1966 & a fan letter from me regarding the Convention in Elvis Monthly No.82 Oct 1966).

The starting bid for this item is 15.000 U.K. pound.

Narek wrote on April 12, 2006
Couldn't find it. Just wanted to take alook
Sean Ryan wrote on April 12, 2006
i doubt this is real. i have checked and its not there. Must have been taken off. £15,000 minimum bid? yeah, right.
judy presley wrote on April 12, 2006
I had no problem in finding it at ebay.co.uk, just type in search "Elvis Presley Elvis for You" - you don't even need the capital letters!
Sean Ryan wrote on April 12, 2006
ive found it. Yes, it seems i was so very wrong. i thought this was just another person trying to rip off elvis fans but i was very wrong. this is the real thing. i know the guy who is selling this and can understand why the price is so high.sorry chris if your reading this.this is one of a kind.well done elvisnews for bringing this to the attention of elvis fans. dont undertsnad why he hasnt listed it in the 'featured items' section on ebay which is why i couldnt find it straight away.this item is as rare as the mona lisa.