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Follow That Dream European Release

April 11, 2006 | Video
According various video-dvd magazines the DVD of Follow That Dream, region 2 will shortly be released by Warner Home Video in most of the European countries.
Source:The United Elvis Presley Society
E.J.F... wrote on April 12, 2006
I hope the picture quality is better than the Region 1 version released last year which, together with Clambake, were the worst transfers of El's films on DVD so far. The Region 2 (European) version of Clambake was much better than the Region 1 (USA) version so I suppose FTD will be improved. I haven't mentioned the audio (5.1) and extra features. That is taboo with Elvis films on DVD!
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 12, 2006
Do any outtakes or deleted scenes exist from all of Elvis movies? I'm aware of "Charro" outtakes & heard "Jailhouse Rock" & "Flaming Star" has some. But are there any existing deleted scenes or songs from "Follow That Dream" & the rest of Elvis films?
pasa-ryu wrote on April 14, 2006
about time!,an elvis classic and a must have in any elvis dvd collection..hope they finaly release "charro" uncut on dvd soon?i got the rare bathroom nude scene on vhs and it was cut from the orignal movie)previous us.a. dvd version was rubbish and cut to bits,hopefully charro will be released remastered and in its entirety??.
Poffe wrote on April 20, 2006
As I understand there are not many outtakes from Elvis' movies, and those I've seen only has picture (no sound). Better hope for the unreleased movies to come out on DVD (and others to be re-released in better quality). EJF: I have several Elvis DVD's with 5.1 dolby sound, and the sound quality is reasonably better and I prefer those releases, but I guess most companies don't make effort in creating a 5.1 track since the source often is in mono or bad stereo.