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EDP Licensing Secures Rights For Elvis Pre-Paid Card

April 13, 2006 | Other
Elvis Presley™ Enterprises announced today that the company has granted rights for an Elvis® branded debit card program to EDP Licensing, Inc.™

Elvis is the most successful celebrity ever to be branded. The Elvis Presley Prepaid Visa® card is among the first celebrity-branded debit card programs to be launched. Paul Cleveland, EDP CEO, said, “We are excited to bring the Elvis legend to our innovative card product line and believe that this marks a milestone in the prepaid card industry.”

According to Mr. Cleveland, the first card will launch this month. He announced, “EDP will offer a series of collectible Elvis cards, each displaying a different image. We hope Elvis fans will be excited and want to collect them all.”

Prepaid debit cards are fast becoming the card of choice among American consumers. Last year, more purchases and bills were paid with debit cards than with checks. For the past two years, debit cards have outgrown their big brother – the credit card. Much like a checking account without the paperwork, prepaid cards offer customers the convenience of a credit card and the “no-interest charge” advantage of a checking account.

EDP Licensing (edplicensing.com), EDebitPay™ and EDP Secure Deposit Card™ are wholly-owned subsidiaries of EDP Technologies Corporation,™ one of the leading performance-based affiliate marketing groups in the country. EDP represents a large selection of financial service products in the online direct response market and specializes in lead generation, list management and all forms of online marketing.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Juliepresleyfan wrote on April 14, 2006
sounds great, cant one like it be made over here allso, maybe the fanclub could do it, or someone like that, id love it, gives a new meaning to your flexible friend, id love to see Elvis face on my card every time i use it.
MR61 wrote on April 14, 2006
I Elvis credit card in the past it was issued by the bank of scotland i think not sure now but they no longer do it you could try mbna i was told they might do them hope this helps
rolin27 wrote on April 20, 2006
There is a credit card that MBNA puts out that is an Elvis card but if I was you I would not get involved with that bank. Wait till the pre-paid cards come out. You will make out much better. From some one with the experience. Don't get caught up like I did with that bank.