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Elvis Meets Presley Re-release

April 08, 2006 | Music
The import CD "Elvis Meets Presley" is due to be re-released according to information we received. Besides various out-takes and live performances this CD features the duet "Don't cry daddy" Lisa Marie and Elvis performed on August 16, 1997 at the Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis.
Shaky wrote on April 09, 2006
Let's hope the re-release features the sound desk version of the Duet NOT the audience recording first issued and since bettered. If EPE and LMP are reading this PLEASE give us this duet officially it would be a nailed-on Christmas No. 1 in the U.K.!
get real wrote on April 09, 2006
if there is any hope of this beig relareased and getting to a UK Christmas # 1 , then Lisa better get back in the studio and re-record her part of the song. She sounds horrific on this. I was in the very front row - seat #1 - when this was first shown at the Coliseum. Sure - it was very emotional and everyone - including myself - were moved by it. However, when i see it again - almost 10 years removed from the event. it really doesnt hold up well at all.
Ciscoking wrote on April 10, 2006
This release was superfluous in the first place and it won`t get any better in the second..
efan4ever wrote on April 11, 2006
I thought LMP sounded great.