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New Book By Joe Esposito

March 30, 2006 | Book
According to his web site Joe Esposito is working on a new book entitled "Remember Elvis". From the site: "If you have had your fill with the rumours that evolved into a galaxy of lies over the years, I would like to invite you to take a look at the "Remember Elvis" section and listen to a trailer".
Lex wrote on March 30, 2006
His site?? Doesn't work at all...
Teacher wrote on March 30, 2006
Lex, are you using the address for his old site? He has a new one.
Colonel wrote on March 30, 2006
You can get on the site via google. In the trailer you can hear Willie Nelson (a.o.) talk about Elvis.
Bernardo wrote on March 30, 2006
Another book? But he already done a great CD besides of the books. I wonder what else in the world Joe would have to talk about Elvis. Hum, just my humble opinion here.
Clambake67 wrote on March 30, 2006
wonder if he will mention how he tried to sue his good ol' friend Elvis before he passed away over the raquetball court venture they were going to do together?
dismas wrote on March 31, 2006
Good question, Clambake67. They say only that the good die young, and Mr. Esposito is getting older by the day (as are his self-serving memories). Personally, I think great good friend "Diamond Joe" usually comes across as just one more in the long line of phony opportunists who spent their lives sucking the lifeblood out of the King. I'll take a pass, thanks.
circleG wrote on April 02, 2006
please explain clambake67, i knew nothing about Esposito suing Elvis - when did this happen? i can't find any account of this anywhere....
RacingRocks wrote on April 02, 2006
Both Joe Esposito and Dr. Nick sued Elvis in the spring of 1977 because Elvis pulled his financial support from the raquetball court deal. Dr. Nick was temporarily fired because of this.
Clambake67 wrote on April 02, 2006
Racing Rocks got it! Not many people know about this but it is mentioned in that big "elvis a-z" book. I dont know what the results were but I do know that "Diamond " Joe was such a good friend to Elvis he wouldnt have sued him after all he did for him and his family through the years.With friends like that , who needs enemies. No wonder Elvis felt so lonely in his later years. What a backstabber this creep was and still is milking Elvis' fans for all he can.
cathyreno wrote on April 04, 2006
Another book Joe must be getting broke in his ole age? I didnt know about "sueing Elvis over the raquetball deal" bad bad... I know Joe was asked to come to a charity event but he told our branch leader if he was put up in a five star hotel and paid expenses flight and all he'd come over... They dont call him 'diamond joe' for nothing.. T c b
Devon wrote on April 06, 2006
I could care less about his book. I never liked him and i never will,with that said long live the King in all our hearts
pasa-ryu wrote on April 17, 2006
i never really liked joe,do not think cilla does neither?..watch 'elvis by the presleys' where she said she couldn't tell joe anything in secret as it go straight back to elvis..ok,joe was elvis' buddy and stayed right to the end,but i always got the inpression he was arrogant and false,like he thinks he was only elvis' friend in the world..notice too,graceland never seem to involve him any of their documentries,including elvis by the presleys..i get the impression they don't trust him??..so,i want be too excited rushing out and reading rhash of stuff we already know about.