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Fountain For Janelle McComb

March 29, 2006 | Other
If everything goes according to plan, the Birthplace of Elvis in Tupelo gets a special memorial fountain, in honor of Janelle McComb, who passed away last July. The landscaper that did all the other up grades at the birthplace is already in the process of drawing up plans to see what can be put in and how big. Most likely, the fountain will be built near the chapel. Fans that like to maka a donation, can contact Lesia Marcum, president of the Good Luck Charms-fanclub: lesiamarcum@aol.com
Crawfish wrote on March 30, 2006
If it is as good a job as the rest of the fountains etc. then, as it should be, it will be wonderful and a lovely tribute from us all to the family. She truly loved Elvis. A beautiful thought to have a memorial; she was extra special. Thanks from us here in UK.
MauriceColgan wrote on April 01, 2006
From all accounts Janelle McComb (R.I.P.) worked very hard to keep Elvis remembered in Tupelo. We met her briefly in August 2003 close to the birthplace. The water to "The Fountain of Life" was turned on that sunny and very hot morning. Another fountain honouring tireless Elvis fan Janelle will be another step forward for Tupelo as the City builds on it's Elvis tourism. The upcoming Elvis Presley Festival featuring the new Documentary by Jim Palmer and Roy Turner, o be shown at the Lyric theatre in Tupelo on the 3rd June 2006, should be quite an historic event. Elvis fans everywhere will welcome the good news. even here in Irelandtoo.
Jacquie Ulmo wrote on April 01, 2006
I met Mrs.Janelle for teh first time in 1997 and after that, year after year...we kept in touch in a constant basis and I would even call her once a month to check on her...I loved her dearly and she is truly missed not only by myself but by all fans in Brazil. God bless Mrs. Janelle. I will take part of the tribute sponsored by Good Luck Charm Fan Club if I'm still on time for that. Great initiative, she really deserves that. I wish EPE could be behind the Tribute...as she was so loyal to EPE and the Presley Family during all the time, before and after Elvis death.