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Elvis NOT through My Eyes

March 28, 2006 | Book
The book "Elvis Through My Eyes" with on the cover a picture of Elvis from Ed Bonja and his name in the bottom right corner is not what it appears to be according to postings on several websites and mails we recieved. Apparently you can't judge a book by it's cover.

On the first count it is not written by 'Ed Bonja' and it is not the book of the same name written some years back by 'Bill E. Burk'. This book is in fact by Lanier Heart Shapre based on the account of Jimmy Denson, a Memphis resident who apparently knew the Presley family and is causing a real stir among Elvis world identities and will soon cause outrage from Elvis fans around the world.

We have not read the book but by all accounts it is nothing more than bitter and pathetic claims from the brother of a musician who never really made it. So what can readers expect from this book? Well, if we are to believe Jimmy Denson and his stories then the following quotes from the new documentary "Altered by Elvis" must be true ... Musn't they???

"There hasn't been a true story about Elvis yet" Jimmy Denson
"All of his teeth were brown, green and yellow" Jimmy Denson
"Pimply faced and ugly" Jimmy Denson

These 3 comments alone tell us something about Jimmy Denson.

From the book:
"Well, it's a satanic form of religion, Satan-inspired. I saw the Devil in Elvis' brain one day and his Momma told me to look. She said, "Jimmy, look at Elvis' eyes," and "Elvis," she said, "show Jimmy what you showed me" and he flashed his eyes and his skull looked like… his eyes looked like two pissholes in the snow. And back in his brain I saw Lucifer in there. July 5th, 1956. He was stoned out of his head."

Super-fan and author Sandi Pichon writes:
"I am writing to you about a book I am begging you not to buy or endorse. It was written by Las Vegas resident Heart Shapre with Jimmy Denson. It has one of Ed Bonja's pictures on the cover and says "By Ed Bonja" misleading people into thinking Ed wrote this piece of trash.

The name is the same as Bill Burk's "Elvis: Through My Eyes". Ii is in no way connected to Bill Burk. It says Elvis was a drug addict before he went into the army, among other lies. It is an awful book that does nothing but tarnish Elvis' image, based on lies. It alludes to homosexuality, Vernon being a womanizer and abuser and other trash.

Please forward this information to anyone you know.


Bill E. Burk:
The book is titled "Elvis: Through My Eyes," which, as most of you know, is the title of my all-time best-seller from 1987, which has been thru many printings. There is no violation of the law in using the same title. Copyright laws do not protect titles,
only content.

Jimmy Denson lived in or around Lauderdale Courts when the Presleys lived there. Since Elvis became famous, Denson is one of those who popped out of the woodworks claiming all kinds of close ties to Elvis -- not only during the Lauderdale
Courts days, but after.

How to describe Jimmy Denson:
A. His elevator doesn't go to the top?
B. A couple of Jokers short of a deck?
C. Someone who stayed in the boxing ring a couple of bells too long?

I have not seen or read this "book," and doubt I will. But if it is 200 pages long, someone had to loan him some words to his vocabulary to fill that much space -- and if it has 100 photos, as claimed, wonder who taught Denson how to point the
camera? When I talked long distance to writer Heart Sharpe and called to her attention the fact they were using the same name as my Elvis bestseller, the tone in her voice was sort of: "So, there's nothing you can do about it." Sort of a laughing tone.

True, legally, I can't stop this title from being used, but I can warn each and every fan about this book, then ask them to warn each and every fan and fan club they know of -- and spread the word like wildfire.

That will send a proper message.

As for content of the two books, I'll put my 19-year-old book up against Denson's any day of the year, any day of the century, and wipe his nose in facts!

Now you all have been properly warned! If now you go ahead and buy Denson's book thinking it's mine ... your fault.

If you then read that book about Elvis being on drugs at an early age about Gladys begging Denson to raise Elvis in the Courts, etc, etc . . . and you become offended, as others obviously already have ... then point the finger at yourself because now you know these ARE different books with entirely different contents.
Sanditcb wrote on March 28, 2006
Thank you so much for featuring this. Truth is one thing, but malicious slander is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately our many freedoms, i.e.,press, speech, etc., allow carpetbaggers such as Denson to spew their vile lies.
Crawfish wrote on March 29, 2006
Thanks for featuring this article; but rest assured I suspect there will not be many people putting iin their orders. I for one have no interest whatsoever in it! Carol
bray1977 wrote on March 29, 2006
I wouldnt take this trash if I got it for free.
Elvis Rocks wrote on March 29, 2006
Sandi, you have me laughing. What can I say??
Elvis Rocks wrote on March 29, 2006
Sandi, reminds me of someone who claims that they made Elvis' Glasses, when they didn't, because they didn't know how, and still doesn't, other people made them for them. Have fun in PS.
Viva wrote on March 31, 2006
The crap this moron is coming out with, I wouldn't be surprised if he was Albert Goldman's ex-bitch. Steer well clear of this tripe, the guy is completely off the rails, and not one ounce of proof to back up his insane, bitter claims. The world would be a better place without you Mr Denson.
JimmyCool wrote on April 11, 2006
“...the image is one thing and the human being is another...it’s very hard to live up to an image.” It's very easy to say all those stuff now that so many years have passed...
Juliepresleyfan wrote on April 15, 2006
This book sounds possitively evil, sounds like the man needs help too, i wont be buying it thats for sure, maybe the man was jealous of Elvis and just ranted the whole time. i will have to tell my friends so they dont buy it maybe. ive never seen bills book is iot good, i might try and get bills book someday.