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Ebay To Auction Off Presley House

March 28, 2006 | Other
A mid 50's ranch-style house in Memphis that goes on the market next month has a low-pitched hip roof, an attached two-car garage, a motorcycle garage, a swimming pool - and maybe the spirit of Elvis Presley.

The home at 1034 Audubon Drive was purchased by the singer and his parents in March 1956, the same month Heartbreak Hotel became his first No. 1 hit. It was announced Monday that it will be put up for auction on Ebay, with bidding opening April 14 and closing May 14.

The house was the setting for many familiar Presley photographs, notably ones taken by Alfred Wertheimer. The Presleys moved out in 1957 and settled in at a more famous address on Highway 51, Graceland. That estate was named a National Historic Landmark on Monday, joining the White House, Mount Vernon and Monticello in receiving the country's highest designation for historic properties.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
MauriceColgan wrote on March 29, 2006
Thanks to the generosity of Cindy Hazen and Mike Freeman, my wife Maureen and I, were given a tour of the house in June 2002. The fact Elvis lived in there in the early days of his career gave the experience a special significance. Mike patiently explained how they had restored most of the rooms to their original decor. His knowledge was greatly appreciated. The book "Memphis Elvis - Style" by Mike and Cindy is well worth aquiring. What a strange experience it was walking around the the home made so famous by a young Elvis and the lovely photographs taken by Afred Wertheimer. Standing by the fireplace where Elvis posed in his Gold Lame suit was one of those magic experiences. We hope the new owners of the house continue the excellent work done by Mike and Cindy.
NickP wrote on March 29, 2006
My wife and I also had the priviledge to meet Mike and Cindy in 2002.We had a tour of the Audobon house and later Mike took us to meet Bernard Lansky.As I often say to the wife I've shaken the hand of the man whose shaken the hand of THE MAN. I too hope the house falls into sympathetic hands and lasting memories of Elvis are allowed to linger.
Viva wrote on March 30, 2006
With this being on e-bay, I hope those morons at EPE don't get hold of it. Audubon drive is a great place to see and experience and in some ways it's better than Graceland. It's a real shame the Freemans are selling as you felt that at least the house was in the hands of people who cared. The fact that these guys didn't have the resources to turn it into a major attraction was, to me, a huge bonus, because it stayed as authentic as possible. If those out of touch relics from EPE try to acquire the house you just know they'll completely ruin it.