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CNN Poll On Graceland

March 27, 2006 | Other
CNN currently has a poll on Graceland. The question is: "Should Graceland Be A National Historic Landmark?" The result from the 62591 votes so far "Yes" say 35% (21965 votes), "No" say 65% (40626 votes). You can still vote onn the CNN site.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises

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sttos wrote on March 27, 2006
Who voted no on this poll, the possibly small majority of people who never heard of elvis presley, this is outrageous, Elvis is the greatest entertainer of all time and he is a major part of history and his life spent at graceland makes Graceland a historic landmark in itself.
Teacher wrote on March 27, 2006
This QuickVote is not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general, nor the public as a whole.
elvis_fan wrote on March 27, 2006
You know what..I agree sttos. I think if these people dont know and love Elvis like we all do, they have no right to answer that question. You are right, Elvis was and still is the greatest entertainer that ever lived and his house, where he really felt at home, where he was really himself, and one of the many things that made him so popular should become a National Historic Landmark. This way people from all generations including the many generations to come, can go see and learn about the house that the greatest entertainer in the WORLD lived in. I guess those people dont realize that Graceland is the 2nd most visited house next to the White House (another reason it should be a National Landmark). I feel sorry for those who answered no to that question.
SendToTodd wrote on March 27, 2006
It is important that EPE and fans alike take on board these results, as we should all try to understand why two thirds of those that voted in this poll objected to Graceland being nominated as a US National Landmark. If you dont have a point of view on a subject, then generally you don't vote for or against any motion. It is very worrying that 65% voted against. Now no one can argue the fact that Elvis Presley's outreach was both global and wonderful. Elvis brought more happiness with his entertainment to more people around the world than any other artist past or present. Elvis, for the American economy earned more export dollars than any other singer or performer. When you listen to Elvis' music, when you watch a movie you have to smile. When you hear a recording of his laugh, you have to laugh. When we saw Elvis on film, and when those of us who were lucky enough saw him perform on stage we felt special. So why is Elvis' feel-good clout at an all time low with the general public? He did nothing in his life other than make people happy when at times his own personal life was in tatters. We should all see what we can do to elevate Elvis' standing, and believe me a personal Government sponsored accolaide would go a long way to cement his standing.
MauriceColgan wrote on March 27, 2006
The sheer amount of excellent publicity being generated world-wide will no doubt surprise the establishment in the USA. The fact Graceland is now a National Historic Landmark will be used to good effect by business tycoon Mr Robert Sillerman to further his plans for the Mansion. Elvis fans should make sure their own local radio stations and the rest of the media get the message......especially in the USA! And yes, here in Irelandtoo.
artfromtex wrote on March 27, 2006
man i'm pissed at the voting. who would say no? even if you don't like Elvis you should recognize his contribution. some people have this bias against Elvis for no reason. sometimes when i tell people i like Elvis, it's like i tell them that i live in a double-wide. the media perpetuates this and polls like this, sadly, prove that they're getting their way in destroying the legacy of Elvis. slowly but surely. i hope enought people rediscover the king to keep this from happening. could you imagine a day that comes when it's "Elvis who?"?
buyep01 wrote on April 02, 2006
These are probably the same damn idiot's that put elvis at #10 and the Beatles at #1. Popular opinion in the USA, Great Britain ,and many other countries put Elvis in first by a land slide. Graceland is the most visited historical home of any private residence , second to only the white house and many of them ask the president to take them to Graceland! If graceland is not a historical landmark , damn it I want other sites declared non historic sites to, my hometown is where coca cola was invented columbus Georgia, USA while we are at it lets plow down their land mark this is a survey targeted at a group of people to get the answer they want. I would like to see a country wide poll on the net. He still sells millions of records and he cherished his beloved home so the numbers don't add up. I contacted EPE and urged them to set the record straight on Elvis passing the Beatles in #1 hits, to issue records that go gold or platinum again, and hundreds of others don't expect much support the responce sometimes if you make a big deal out of something you draw attention to yourself, right Elvis Presley poured his soul in his music and performance and gave everything he had for us I am 30 and was really young when he died. EPE has this attitude oh the people know the truth, no they don't they see an entertainer of today get an award you get well "Elvis is dead it is time to pass the crown" Elvis went the extra miles. RCA/BMG should to, get all the accurrate figures and show the world no one has even come close. EPE has a responsibility to print more front page things challenging these lies, and fans we have to do our part flood EPE and BMG/RCA lets get the truth of the survrey so we will know who took it preserve graceland for generations to come. I also think number one hits should be a top priority , and this dog and pony show, on record sells Fans He gave his all now it is time for BMG to get all of thier figures and prove not by some kind of unofficial award, but with real recognitions his amount of record sales.