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No More Elvis In Stax

March 14, 2006 | Other
Although Elvis recorded close to 30 songs at Stax, Elvis has been "erased" from its history. Until recently, visitors found one small display that refered to Elvis. The display contained 3 album covers and a karate gi he supposedly wore during one of the sessions. But even the album covers and gi are gone now. Elvis's name isn't mentioned during the tour, it's not on any plaque, nor can you find CD's or memorabilia in the gift shop. "Memphis is focussed on Elvis, but we want to show the world that Stax was more than the studio where he recorded", one of the workers commented. "Stax is about soul. That's our story." Asked if there was a chance that Elvis would be rehabilitated, the answer was: "no". Here's the list of songs Elvis recorded at Stax in 1973.

Songs Elvis recorded at Stax (1973)

21 July
If You don’t Come Back
It’s Diff’rent Now
Three Corn Patches
Take Good care of Her

22 July
Find Out What’s Happening
I’ve Got a thing about You Baby
Just a Little Bit

23 July
Raised on Rock
For Ol’ Time Sake

24 July
Girl of Mine

25 July
Sweet Angeline

10 December
I Got a Feeling in my Body
It’s Midnight

11 December
You Asked me to
If You talk in your Sleep

12 December
Mr. Songman
Thinking About You
Love Song of the Year
Help Me

13 December
My Boy
Loving Arms
Good Time Charlie’s got the Blues

14 December
Talk about the Good Times

15 December
Promised Land
Your Love’s Been a Long Time Coming
There’s a Honky Tonk Angel

16 December
If That Isn’t Love
Spanish Eyes
She Wears My Ring
Tony C wrote on March 14, 2006
Stax probably is about soul, but Elvis had a lot of soul in his music. Perhaps it's a racial issue.
Clambake67 wrote on March 14, 2006
Can you imagine if this was done to a Black artist of Elvis' stature? they would be crying like racism like crazy! What a shame that the city Elvis put on the map has attempted to distance themselves from him and his legacy as much as possible.
kev11467 wrote on March 14, 2006
You've got to be sh*tting me????? If Elvis was a black artist and removed form Stax Jesse Jackson be on every news network screaming racism....
jcorley wrote on March 14, 2006
"Stax is about soul. That's our story."?? We're talking about the most 'soulful' singer and entertainer of all-time here. It's like they've taken the well known "Elvis has left the building" and turned it 180 degrees against him and his legacy. What a disgrace and injustice to not just Elvis, but to his fans worldwide as well. Elvis recording at least 1 song there should be enough to earn him a place in their exhibits, tours, and history. They should be presenting the King there more than he was before, not less. This is very upsetting and a down-right cruel act. I hope this gains more media attention. And, like others already said, this would be a major news item if a black artist was erased. But, many black artists, past and current, have given him much well-deserved credit and words of praise regarding his soulfulness. Also, the word 'soul' or 'soulful' is not, by definition, a phrase used only based on the color of the skin, but to the true ability of the artist, as in - "Full of or expressing feeling or emotion." I can't think of even a few artists that would come close to him by that definition. I think Stax needs to re-evaluate their "..story". Wasn't it James Brown that said "Elvis was the original soul brother"?? I don't mean to talk only about the soulfulness, but I would think any place on earth would be proud to have some memory of Elvis once gracing their 'hallowed' halls. Once again, Elvis has been pushed aside or forgotten, which is a disgrace. But, that's just my opinion. I don't know what else to add, to sum up how I feel about this Elvis-wrong, without venting much anger. On to the next fan's reaction now....
hound216 wrote on March 14, 2006
I agree with y'all, this is about race. Certain people are "allowed" to be racist, others of us are not!
serpico wrote on March 14, 2006
As usual The guy who put Stax on the map is ignored because why? He is White! Pity they don't close this recording studio for good.
Viva wrote on March 14, 2006
I cannot believe the arrogance of these idiots. Elvis had more soul in his little finger than any of the artists at Stax had in their entire bodies. This is quite clrearly a decision based on prejudice and the inability of a section of the "black" music industry to accept the fact that they owe everything to Elvis (Be it for Soul music or any other kind for that matter) - a white man. I am only glad that Elvis never displayed the kind of contempt for his fellow man as those cretins at Stax so clearly have here. And one more point: Who the hell do they think the majority of their visitors are anyway? Isaac Hayes fans? Elvis gave these artists the freedom to perform their music to the masses, and now his fans help fund the Stax museum - and they hate him for it. I hope the place burns down you ungrateful, hippocritical bigots.
elvisfan1958 wrote on March 15, 2006
Oh, screw 'um. They can kiss where the sun doesn't shine, right along side the jerks that took away the plaque at Pearl Harbor. We don't need them!
everett001 wrote on March 15, 2006
Maybe all Elvis fans should consider NOT making STAX STUDIO TOUR a part of their activities during ELVIS WEEK. I know I wont visit it.And I enjoy and buy a lot of black blues artists including B.B. King.
Dixieland Rock wrote on March 15, 2006
This is looks like racism to me. It seems like there is always a double standard when it applies to a white person though. Maybe I'm wrong, but it sure seems that way. Obviously if they remove any mention of Elvis from Stax Studio's history, they are also going to lose ALOT of financial revenue from this dumb choice. Most people that would even take the tour are probably coming to see the part where Elvis played in it's history. That would be the only reason for alot of people to go. And if Elvis isn't even a part of the tour then why go? Financially this is a bad decision on their part. But let them figure that out.
cheerhater wrote on March 15, 2006
I think Stax is dumb as well I'm just glad Rlvis did'nt see this injustus
Crawfish wrote on March 16, 2006
This is absolutely crazy; can't wait to see their takings go down! Thank goodness Elvis is not alive to see this injustice!! We have to vote with our feet once more sadly!
corey3rd wrote on March 17, 2006
First off - this Stax Soulsville museum isn't really the recording studio. That was demolished two decades ago. So it's not like you'll be standing in the space where Elvis recorded like a visit to Sun Studio. The guys at Stax stopped being part of the freebie (you should tip) shuttle that runs between Graceland, Sun and the Rock N Soul Museum. They're out to create their own identity even though they aren't within the normal tourist loop. And the people we talked to who went to Stax said there were the only ones in the exhibit space. The only employee sold tickets. We weren't going to pay for a cab to take us over there. I'm guessing the folks at Stax are somehow getting bitter that Sillerman is trying to take over the town. Although I wonder if there's any mention of Alex Chilton's Big Star in the museum.
Nilson Rego wrote on March 18, 2006
In their points of view, Elvis´ sound and career has nothing to do with them and also consider his behavior during those sessions very embarrassing and disrespectful. They made it for professionalism and money but care and consideration belong to another universe. I agree with them? Naturally not. It´s an absurd! But I conceive that reality and Elvis' world are very alike sometimes.
nrbl wrote on March 18, 2006
Its just not right for them to take down what little they had of Elvis there it is an injustice. But the funny thing is that should Stax never have been mentioned as a place where Elvis recorded many songs they would have hell over it and would be looking for the recognition