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Leaves Of Elvis Garden

March 14, 2006 | Book
Larry Geller, Elvis former hairdresser and “spiritual” friend is working on a new book entitled “Leaves Of Elvis Garden”. It deals with Elvis interest in the spiritual world and contains conversations, Elvis’ experiences and passages and quotes from his favorite books and more. Larry claims he and Elvis discussed writing a book on this subject, this should be the extension of that. The reason for the title is that Larry gave Elvis a book “Leaves Of Morya’s Garden” which he buried in the Meditation Garden (leaves represent pages).
Source:Elvis Unlimited
Martin DJ wrote on March 14, 2006
Most of Larry's conversations with Elvis took place in the sixties, some forty years ago. If he didn't take notes, he has to rely on his memory. Can you remember conversations that took place forty years ago? This should be a very interesting book.
Hans Otto wrote on March 14, 2006
Unfortunately I personally find Larry quite creepy. He has allready written two books about Elvis, but I suppose the "Guru" now needs some extra cash. But what new can he possible say that he hasn't earlier braged about in lenghts? Ah well, I guess it makes some kind of sense. After all, this is the guy who, on an recent Elvis DVD documentary, actually gloated over beeing the last person to ever touch Elvis - as he hurried to stick his hand into Elvis' coffin as they closed the lid. Tells you a bit about the depts of his "spirituality"...
vinny wrote on March 14, 2006
i spoke to larry one year in memphis i think he said something like 10 dollars for a signed photo (but i didnt make any notes)?? it was a very spiritual moment in my life.
Viva wrote on March 15, 2006
What a fruitcake. No wonder the rest of the guys couldn't stand him. Elvis, burying a book in the meditation garden? Why is it everything weird Elvis did in his life, larry Geller was never far away.
cathyreno wrote on March 15, 2006
I sadly agree with all the posts here LG is a bit weird and probably needs the cash and to ask for 10 dollars for a signed photo yeh he can go and jump...
Clambake67 wrote on March 15, 2006
Martin, I agree with you>>how can anyone remember a conversation they had with anyone, even if it was Elvis, that many years ago. I think they make up these stories as the years go by just to spit out another book and capitalize off of their so called"friend."I think its disgusting that Geller along with many more of Elvis' "friends" charge for their freaking autograph!Just think what Elvis would have thought of his "friends" raping the fans like they have over the years.
Dixieland Rock wrote on March 15, 2006
I wish Elvis would have run this guy out on a rail from the start. This guy bringing in that Eastern religion nonsense didn't help Elvis at all. All Elvis needed was a good Bible believing Church like he was raised in. At least more people of the Christian faith should have been around Elvis than this guy. It's a shame.
Lefty wrote on March 16, 2006
I agree with all the posts, especially the comments from Dixieland Rock. Larry Geller is way out there. If he is like most people caught in the New Age Movement, he thinks he can "channel" the spirit of Elvis from the great beyond. Of course this would make his "conversations" with Elvis in the present, hence they would be accurate! What a clown! If Elvis wouldn't have been so emotionally vulnerable, Larry Geller would have never been a part of his life. Thank God, Elvis was a Christian saved by Grace! Not even freaks like Geller could undue that. I'd give the man 10 bucks to shut up and go away.
Natha wrote on March 26, 2006
To state that Eastern Religion is non sense is quite offending to many Asian fans, who are non-christians. The fact that one does not appeciate other religions does not give us the right to talk in terms of non sense. As I do not believe in god, I don't talk about believes in erms of non sense etc. One should respect each other. That is the true value of our humanity. As an old fan I listen appr 3 hours a day to Elvis' music and hardly to anyhing else. That's what he gave us. As he rightly said he kept his personal views to himself. Let us respect that and relate to eachother on this site in that which binds us al: Elvis and his ncomparable music.
Dixieland Rock wrote on March 26, 2006
Natha, you are correct. I want to apologize for my "nonsense" comment. It wasn't my intent to offend anyone. But still, the "nonsense" comment was wrong and inappropriate. I never should have said that. You are also correct in the fact that we should respect each other's religious beliefs. That's the way it should be. Like you said, Elvis did the right thing by keeping his views to himself. I respect your comments and views and I ask that you forgive me & accept my apologies.
Natha wrote on March 26, 2006
Dear Dixieland Rock (lovely reference by the way) apologies accepted of course. It is my sincere wish that in this war weary world we as Elvis fans can communicate and share in a wholesome way our love and insights. Whatever people write to know or suggest about Elvis, we all know he affectionately loved his fans and we would honor him within the Elvis fan-community. Hence my comment and my appreciation for your prompt, open and sincere response. Thank you.
Viva wrote on March 27, 2006
Larry Geller is still a complete wind bag.