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Elvis After Dark Exhibit

March 14, 2006 | Other
The new Graceland is already getting shape. As most fans know, the lease contracts for the last non-EPE-souvenir shops have ended. But the shops didn’t stay empty for long. One is now an official EPE store and two others were renovated into one, creating more space for themed exhibitions, such as the current expo “Elvis After Dark”. There are toys, a golf cart, board games and a pool table. Visitors are allowed to use the Elvis-pool for 30 minutes (2 persons) for a give away price of 250 dollar. These are the first images from the new exhibit and store, Elvis After Dark, that just opened this morning at Graceland.

The new Elvis After Dark exhibit is themed around the fact that, for much of his life, Elvis was a “night person.” After the sun went down, Elvis came out to play -- after-hours shopping sprees at department stores, renting out the Memphis Fairgrounds as his own personal amusement park, turning the Memphian movie theater into a private screening room for himself and his friends, hosting parties at home and at local clubs, late-night appointments with his jeweler, flashing his police credentials to “work” a car accident scene, and on and on. By dark of night, Elvis moved about more freely than his fame allowed him by light of day. But, sometimes, he was just sitting up in bed at home with a good book and the television. And sometimes he was in the recording studio creating his next masterpiece or working his magic on stage in Las Vegas or on national concert tour in front of ecstatic, loving audiences. In Elvis After Dark, thematic exhibits of clothing, personal items, photography and more take the visitor with Elvis into the night at home, at work and as he made Memphis his nighttime playground. As Elvis once remarked early in his career, “The world seems more alive at night… It seems like God ain’t watching.”
vinny wrote on March 14, 2006
roll on next year.all these new attractions are very exciting. i cant wait to get over there.
Clambake67 wrote on March 15, 2006
Its good to see things progressing into the future. Things have been at a standstill long enough.
cathyreno wrote on March 15, 2006
playing pool on elvis's table what a thrill, I don't think that'll last long I hope ep fans will be able to leave ep's balls alone, snooker balls that it! keep it clean folks lol T C B