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Audubon House Auction Postponed Again

March 14, 2006 | Other
The Ebay auction of our home, 1034 Audubon Drive, which was to begin on March 20, has been postponed again. The good news is that the current owners are working in agreement, probably for the first time, to sell this house properly.

Also, they are no longer working with Judith Johnson, realtor. Judith was a great help writing our application for the National Register of Historic Places. But the owners could not agree on how to best sell 1034 Audubon Drive, and she graciously offered to step down. The owners will work together to auction the home - in April- with Steve Schutts. Steve has done numerous auctions in the past of Elvismemorabilia.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
vinny wrote on March 14, 2006
Wouldn't it be great on e-bay, just to get an e-mail to say you are the high bidder.maybe one day with the help of the national lottery i may be able to put in a sensible bid.. hey dont judge me its only a little fun
cathyreno wrote on March 15, 2006
we can all dream Vinny and when our ship comes in we'll have a big party t c b
moodyriver wrote on March 17, 2006
It's a shame...when I heard the owners were divorcing and selling the house, I was a little shocked, but I don't know them personally...my heart sank. I have a few friends who went on the tours...and now I may never get to go. It is my favorite Elvis location--a lot of my favorite things in his life happened there that I have read about...June Juanico, Natalie Wood, Alfred W.'s beautiful photographs...Yvonne Lime...Nick Adams... I just wish I could have seen it. By the time I get to Memphis, everything will be gone that I want to see--either imploded or remodeled... One of the saddest things about being a younger fan is that I never got to see any part of his life in its original glory/hay-day...including him...also, you have to deal with the people you are just starting to read about/learn about passing away. I was really born too late...
heartbreakhotel wrote on March 27, 2006
Just had to post a few thoughts regarding Audubon Drive.On our last visit to Memphis we had the pleasure of spending two amazing hours inside 1034 having been picked up from Heartbreak Hotel by Mike Freeman and driven through Memphis.To walk through the door and stand in a home that we have all been familiar with through the many pictures we have seen was awesome.Mike and Cindy showed us round and then afforded us the priviledge of just wandering on our own - so we now have some special pictures, video and 'memories pressed between the pages of my mind'. So to have learned a while ago that they were having their own problems and the future of 1034 was in doubt is very sad, as it may now mean visitors to Memphis may not be afforded the same priviledge we were. Having always wished for a detached bungalow with a big garden,garage and swimming pool I will just keep checking my lottery tickets - who knows you might just see me mowing the lawn at 1034 and inviting you in. You know someone very close too all our hearts said 'every dream i ever dreamed has come true a hundred times' !!! TCB/TLC
DEL BOY wrote on March 28, 2006
It will be a real shame to see the old house sold off. We have visited the home on a couple of occassions, coming over from England. Both Mike and Cindy always made us welcome. Unless someone with a sympathetic view buys the house it looks as though the 'old friendly' feeling of the home will be lost forever. Perhaps every Elvis fan could make a small donation and the house kept in a trust for us all to visit. Or one of the Great Elvis tribute stars should buy! Let's not lose another Elvis Home/site.