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Elvis The TV Times

March 07, 2006 | Video
The 2 DVD set "is The TV Times" from the Czech Republic features all of Elvis Dorsey Brothers Stage Show appearances, the Ed Sullivan Shows, Elvis with Milton Berle, plus the complete Frank Sinatra "Welcom Home Elvis" Timex show. As a bonus an exclusive 1972 TV News Extra featuring Elvis live on stage at the Hilton, the Aloha press conference and the commercials for Walls, Cresta and Nike.
Source:Magazines: OEPFC Magazine
vkamtch wrote on March 07, 2006
Is it possible to buy?
jcorley wrote on March 08, 2006
I 2nd that. Sounds very promising indeed. Will sell plenty of copies if it can be bought.
Steve Morse wrote on March 08, 2006
It's available through the UK fan club, as per the "Source" of the news item.
Tony C wrote on March 09, 2006
I hope the quality is better than their previous effort containing "Elvis On Tour" out-takes, which was far inferior in quality to the DVD-R set that I bought on ebay.
Sean Ryan wrote on March 09, 2006
i would like to know what the quality is like before buying it and if the 3rd ed sullivan show is complete!!
Tony D. wrote on March 09, 2006
The UK Fan club are doing this at their usual top price, but isn't it about time these historic performances were released OFFICIALLY by the Estate?!
stayaway wrote on April 23, 2006
Quality is BAD
peacock wrote on May 11, 2006
Stay far far away from this one. The editing is a total disaster and the whole product smells "let's get some fast bucks from the fans". I mean take some of the Sullivan stuff, what's the reason for bad quality when they could have just copied from Ed Sullivan's Rock 'n' Roll Classics, Vol. 4 - Elvis & Other Rock Greats (2001) that has razorsharp quality.
salpas wrote on June 07, 2006
Thank you very much for your opinions. I almost bought it, but thanks to you I didn't.