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Rocking The Garden DVD

March 04, 2006 | Video
The new Memory Records DVD release will be "Rocking The Garden". This DVD should be out Monday March 6, 2006.

From the Czech fan club:

For the first time available to Elvis fans are both the June 10, 1972 afternoon and evening Madison Square Garden concerts. All available amateur video footage from both shows was put together and carefully lipsynchroned with actual sound recording. And not only that - included is, as a bonus, very nicely restored video footage from press conference in volume and quality never seen before. Also as a bonus: The complete concert info and photo galery of rare and mostly never before seen pictures from both shows.
Source:Czech Elvis Presley Fanclub
Santa Claus wrote on March 04, 2006
The first DVD "Time Warp" wasn't too good. Some shows had very high compression which made the picture quality drop (I.e. the 195 Las Vegas show was more worse than on my tape, showing plenty of "artifacts"). Hope they will do better on this one. Otherwise I would not buy another one in this series.
Ciscoking wrote on March 05, 2006
Definitely not bad..but basically nothing new...
Devon wrote on March 07, 2006
Oh ya ill be buying it!!