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Free Loving You DVD In Ireland Too

March 03, 2006 | Video
Following the U.K edition of the Daily Mail free "Loving You" DVD give-a-way the Irish Daily Mail comes with a free "Loving You" DVD too this weekend. According to a posting on the FECC forum there were "plenty of TV Ads this afternoon showing clips of Elvis singing 'Party', 'Teddy Bear', and 'Got a Lot of Loving to Do'. Scenes with Lizabeth Scott and Dolores Hart".
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
MauriceColgan wrote on March 04, 2006
"Ireland on Sunday" has a free Elvis "12 Classic Songs" CD tomorrow. Advertised in the "Daily Irish Mail" along with Elvis Gospel music offer. CD Also advertised in "The Irish Times" today. Elvis Presley mania here in Irelandtoo. Sadly the "Daily Irish Mail" is repeating, the obnoxious unsubstantiated in-law stories about Elvis starting Monday. letters at dailymail.ie To the point please.