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Charlie Hodge Passed Away

March 04, 2006 | People
Elvis’s loyal sidekick, Charlie Hodge lost his battle with lung cancer latter part of Friday March 3rd afternoon and passed away. Charlie Hodge, 71, was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2005 and despite this, he continued to perform at Memories Theatres for the love of his fans. He had a couple of treatments of radiation therapy in between December and January.

Charlie first met Elvis on the transport ship from the New York to Germany, September 1958, although they appeared together on a Red Foley show in 1956. They stayed friends until Elvis' death in August 1977. Charlie was the guy who sang back up, played guitar, handed Elvis water and gave him scarves on stage during the shows in the 1970's. Also, Charlie had a big influence on the song lists of the seventies shows. He used to suggest song titles to Elvis.

We’d like to express our sincere condolences to his family, who stood with him in the last months of his life. Despite his medical battle, and despite the fact that he couldn’t perform on stage anymore, Charlie stayed optimistic until the very end.

Letters of condolences may be sent to:

The Family of Charles Hodge
c/o Memories Theater
2141 Parkway
Pigeon Forge TN 37863

Atchley Funeral Home
118 E Main Street
Sevierville, TN 37862

Sunday, March 5th
5:00 - 8:00 PM

Alabama viewing:

Roselawn Funeral Home
741 Danville Road
Decatur, AL 35601

Monday, March 6
5:00 - 8:00 PM
Tuesday, March 7
12:00 - 2:00 PM

Charlie Hodge
Funeral Services
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
2:00 pm
Roselawn Funeral Home
741 Danville Road
Decatur Alabama
(256) 353 2996

* If you are interested in sending flowers - they can be sent to the funeral home *
ta2k wrote on March 04, 2006
Enjoy your 2nd life with Elvis Charlie,and sing us few songs TCB.
jessy wrote on March 04, 2006
Rest in peace dear Charlie! You were a real friend of Elvis and now you are together again In heaven!
JerryNodak wrote on March 04, 2006
RIP, Charlie. You were one of the good guys. A true friend. You will be missed.
Michael Comley wrote on March 04, 2006
I am so very sad this morning to hear the news that dear Charlie Hodge has passed away. Charlie I take comfort in the fact that I was very lucky to get the chance to tell you to your face that you were the very best one around Elvis. You are back with the boss, say hello to him, he will be so pleased to see you.
Rev. Gerhard wrote on March 04, 2006
Heaven has won a wonderful angel. And LMP has lost another best friend of her father. And Charlie has known that he will be remembered as a symbol of friendship, love, joyousness and loyality.
charmainevoisine wrote on March 04, 2006
I was heartbroken when I learned by an employee of Memories Theatre Friday evening that Sir Charles had passed away. He truly was the only one left part of Elvis life that we could say was a true and dedicated friend. I consider myself lucky to have met you when I did in 1992 and to have spent the amount of time that we did and to share some laughs and good times over Elvis Presley. Rest in peace Sir Charles with our beloved Elvis!
Jth wrote on March 04, 2006
I am very saddened to hear this. Sadly I never met him, but I sure would have loved to. Say hi to Elvis for me, won't you Charlie?
Renan Augusto wrote on March 04, 2006
I am so sad to read this. I am shocked. Charlie, one of my dreams that I had in my like was to meet you in person. Not possible now but we will some of these days. Say hello to Elvis and Brazilian fans are all saddened with that but we are all sure that you are in a better place. Rest in peace buddy.
andy mac wrote on March 04, 2006
so sad to hear of charlies death i am sure him and elvis are singing in harmony in heaven and the guy that gives me the scarfs an water his name is charlie hodge
nrbl wrote on March 04, 2006
God bless you Charlie
MK wrote on March 04, 2006
Good-Night Charlie. Rest Well.
Sylvain wrote on March 04, 2006
I saw Charlie many times in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Memphis. I never heard 1 bad word about Elvis from him. Goodbye Charlie we will miss you.
kevepfan1970 wrote on March 04, 2006
Charlie was a very humble,sincere and genuine southern gentlemen. I had the pleasure of speaking to him at length a few years ago and I will never forget that. He took all the time you wanted with him and you could see in his eye his love for Elvis, unlike others, Charlie's love was real...May God bless him and his family. Kevin Booth West Virginia
the colonel wrote on March 04, 2006
believe me CHARLIE will be sorly missed, a true friend to E.P. CHARLIE was, his book was written with honesty and integrity. charlie was alway's in elvis corner defending him, and when he wrote his memoirs of life with e.p. he went through many publishers because they wanted dirt, and charlie just wouldn't print crap, so he waited 5 years and for the right publisher. this was charlie hodge, i know elvis is happy to have him back, thery're probably singing down in the alley.
Coronel Parker wrote on March 04, 2006
I am very saddened to hear this. God bless you Charlie
byebye wrote on March 04, 2006
"Steadfast loyal and true" became Charlie´s trademark. I immediately felt that special bound between Elvis and him, seeing them on stage together. And I understand why.. He also had that same warmth and kind hearted approach that is so rare. And combined with his musical skills, that was the main reason the audience and the king himself loved him so much. -Rock on Charlie!
Juliepresleyfan wrote on March 04, 2006
A poem For charlie Charlie Hodge, so sad to hear Your Earthly Prescence no longer here You were to Elvis a lifelong friend Honest and Loyal right to the end To Elvis Fans you were the Best You answered Our questions a Plenty But God saw you needed a rest and gave you heavens entry Your Memories of Elvis you did freely share All treasures belonging to you But to Fans , you told them with such care From all of us Thankyou So as Angels sing you to your rest We will try not to Cry But remember you at your best At Elvis's Side So God Bless Charlie, rest in peace Know our Love and Respect will not cease We will remember with smiles, not with Tears And think of you both in future years You shared with us your precious memories You take with you our Love God Bless You Forever TLC
Aarons wrote on March 04, 2006
I'm sorry to hear Charlie has passed away. My condolences his family, I hope he is up there with Elvis, so now Elvis can introduce his mother to Charlie as his loyal life-long friend.
benny scott wrote on March 04, 2006
I'm deeply shocked and in grief. I had the honour to be twice on stage with Charlie, way back in 1981 when he was asked by the ueps to come over to Belgium and talk about Elvis.He was also asked to sing a couple of songs.As I was and still am a pro singer in my country we did two concerts,one in Antwerp and one in Brussels. As the bandmembers lived all in Bruges I picked Charlie up in Antwerp and drove him to my hometown.We were together for about a week, rehearsing with the band,talking, laughing, joking. What a wonderful experience this was. He never never never said one bad word about Elvis. He must have loved him very much! We met again more than 20 years after the concerts.This time it was in Knokke at the Casino.He still rememerd me and we hugged.During his performance I was asked to come on the stage, and wa sang " Love me tender " together, just as we had done so many years ago. May you rest in paece dear Charlie and may God bless you. I'm almost 66 years old now but I'm not ashamed to say I can't hold back my tears.
Crawfish wrote on March 04, 2006
What a shock. May you rest in peace Charlie. I pray you knew how much you meant to us all and how we respected you for your absolute and total loyalty and love towards Elvis. You will be very very sorely missed by millions of us. God bless you.
JC´ wrote on March 04, 2006
Today, I´m feling very bad...A FRIEND, say goodbay. The most beautiful person that with his heart bring us, joiness,hapiness and special moments. A true friend, Charlie I miss you terribly. Today I´m feling Indescribable Blue... GODBLESS YOU MY FRIEND, REST IN PEACE WITH THE LORD...I´LL CRY FOR YOU
elvistagger wrote on March 04, 2006
What a GLORIOUS concert in heaven last night when Charlie, Elvis & J.D. were reunited!!! Good-bye Charlie...We Love You.
bray1977 wrote on March 04, 2006
Charlie Hodge was a true friend to Elvis and anyone else who knew him. This is truly very, very sad news. Charlie, Rest in Peace, you will be missed by millions. God Bless.
patje wrote on March 04, 2006
Charlie was "the best" friend Elvis ever had in his whole life. We are very sure and positive that everybody in the whole Elvisworld will miss him. God bless you Charlie.
Dan The Man wrote on March 04, 2006
Sad news indeed, thanks for the memories and rest in peace.
SendToTodd wrote on March 04, 2006
I have been gutted all day since I got an eMail from Hubert Vindevogel early this morning. Sir Charles had the dirtiest laugh, told the filthiest jokes and had a smile that was as bright as the stars in the sky. He was proud to give Elvis his water, and he loved him he really loved him. He was an ace geezer, he adored England especially Norfolk, Suffolk, Leicestershire, and the Potteries. He had real friends over here. Now he's "over there", I hope he finds some good Whiskey and those awful cheap fags that he smoked cause they won't hurt you now mate, and Jennifer if you're reading this baby I'm crying with you tonight. All our love Todd
pasa-ryu wrote on March 04, 2006
my deepest regrets to one of elvis' best friends!-charlie will be missed,he was great on stage with elvis,always in a good mood,making elvis laugh..my condolances from the heart!!!.
dismas wrote on March 04, 2006
Among the Elvis inner circle, you were the truest of the true. And with the news of your passing, we, the long-term, long-time Elvis fans, are bluer than blue. Until we meet again, Sir Charles, may God bless you. Adios.
mad about elvis wrote on March 04, 2006
A total shock, i met Charlie last year in stoke. took the time to sign 4 books and have several photographs taken. a real gent !! its time to resume that old job Charlie as the King needs his scarfs and water. rest in peace CHARLIE your where a STAR !!
tcbman wrote on March 05, 2006
sorry to hear about u charle may u rest in peace with elvis and jd .and may u jam together for ever god bless u all edios gone but never forgoten
Crawfish wrote on March 05, 2006
Well said Todd. What a total loss this is to the 'Elvis World'. A man who truly loved Elvis and couldn't you just see it in his eyes! Charlie, you will absolutely never ever be forgotten. May God bless you and you rest in peace and by the way, thank you from us all.
Ciscoking wrote on March 05, 2006
Another guy from the inner circle is gone. He was a great guy..... R.I.P. Charlie
rock_vie wrote on March 05, 2006
That's terrible sad...I just heard about it right now....All my condolence to charlys family and closest friends! Rock/Vienna-Austria
Narek wrote on March 05, 2006
I really felt bad hearing that about Charlie, RIP Mephis Mafioso and the guy who sang harmony with him.
Aron wrote on March 05, 2006
Rest In Piece, Charly. You was a real and true friend to Elvis and now you are together again. God Bless You.
cathyreno wrote on March 05, 2006
I had the good fortune to meet sir charles in feb'05. sorry now I didnt get a autograph, at the time there was so many around him he looked tired even then. his laugh and witty jokes.. I echo everyones post here, In heaven they'll be definatly takin care of business, Say hi for me Charlie xx
everett001 wrote on March 05, 2006
Just heard the news today. It really saddened me. Elvis's bet friend; gone, and gone from us too. Hopefully him and Elvis, and J. D. are jamming together in HEAVEN. WE MISS THEM ALL; AND LOVE THEM VERY MUCH.
Gabe wrote on March 05, 2006
So sad to hear this. My condolences to the family, and rest in peace Charlie. You're together with your best friend again and that's what makes it all right.
larflynn wrote on March 05, 2006
Charlie was one of the good guys in the group, loved Elvis no matter what..I met and drove Charlie last year and he was a pleasure to be with,a true gent.. I know why Elvis loved him so much, he was a star and a great performer in his own right and he will be missed throughout the Elvis world. Condolences to Jennifer and all around Charlie, Ireland loved him and we will remember our time with him and for being the most loyal & true of Elvis' friends.
boris wrote on March 06, 2006
Known only to Him are the great hidden secrets I'll fear not the darkness when my flame shall dim I know not what the future holds But I know who holds the future In this world of fear and doubt On my knees I ask the question Why a lonely heavy cross I must bear Then He tells me in my prayer It's because I am trustworthy So long Charlie... you've been our friend forever and I'll miss you... My deepest sympathy to your family
Pautherem wrote on March 06, 2006
God bless you and care for you Charlie. You, like Elvis, will be sadly missed
kimbill wrote on March 07, 2006
Dear Charlie, My whole life I dreamt of finally getting to the States one day and meeting you, becoming friends. Even though I always felt I already knew you in a way, as if you were simply part of the family. I was heartbroken to read of your death and the only comforting thought to me is that you are reunited with Elvis again, your 'main man' as you would have put it. He couldn't have wished for a better friend, and you, just like Elvis, always treated us fans with the same amount of love and respect. May God bless you. Take good care of yourselves and I pray that you're happy, wherever you are. I still dream that one day we'll meet up, it'll just be a little later than what I'd hoped for. Love you. Amen. xoxx
Rev. Gerhard wrote on March 07, 2006
oh, how wonderful, kimbill. Thank you for these lovely words and feelings. And thank you to all the other so warmhearted contributions. This is the most lovely side of fans we meet here. It's corresponding so beautifully to the sincerity of Charlie's soul. And this will make him very happy. And Elvis too. It's a great feeling that no loving heart will ever be lost. Be all blessed with this love.
MR61 wrote on March 07, 2006
I have only just read this terrible news. you will be missed by all Elvis fans around the world. you never spoke about Elvis in a harsh way only with love may God Bless You Rest in Peace
Kevin Weakland wrote on March 07, 2006
Charlie, rest in peace. Thanks for so many memories and laughs.
elvislady wrote on March 09, 2006
god bless charlie. love jeanette.
Nilson Rego wrote on March 09, 2006
Ok, Slewfoot! Now that you had to join THE BOSS, Fortas, J. D. and others, would you please sing, altogether, beautiful melodies - with nice harmonies you do so well - to this insane world, trying to get it better? We´ll be together, surely. It´s a matter of time. Thanks a lot!
judy presley wrote on March 09, 2006
This was sad news indeed. I had always hoped Charlie would be part of the Elvis the Concert team and I would get the chance to see him where he belonged, on stage with Elvis and the gang and everyone having a great time. He was a good, good friend to Elvis and that's why we loved him.
mattpresley wrote on March 13, 2006
charlie so sad and upset to hear that you have left this big building. i always wanted to meet you, but was too poor to come from england uk. with tears in my eyes as i write this, one day i promise to come to your graveside and elvis' and sing softly 'danny boy', and you will know that you are missed and loved. wayne newton described you as 'his friend' and i hope you will consider me as your friend. you are fantastic (fan-tastic),brilliant, a guy of real worth and standing. i will pray for you and your family.with all my love yours mattpresleyxxx.xxx.xxx
Devon wrote on March 14, 2006
I live in Michigan and did not know of his passing. Words can not say how sad we all are that he has gone to join Elvis, but you know that there will be one hell of a band up there.
elvis_fan wrote on March 27, 2006
I live in Michigan as well and i did not know of Charlie's passing until yesterday. I was so upset to hear it on the radio while i was listening to Elvis Hour on Elvis Only. Devon is right, there are no words to explain how much Charlie will be missed. It is nice to think that after all these years he spent without Elvis and now they are back together again. Lord knows how much they went through together.There is no doubt he will be missed.
vinny wrote on March 28, 2006
sorry it took so long to add an opinion but i am very sad to hear about charlie.i can honestly say the few words spoken to him i will remember for ever. a real gent R.I.P
see see rider wrote on April 14, 2006
R.I.P. Charlie, May Heaven shine that much more brighter with you in it along with Elvis, JD & the others. It's been awhile since I've been online due to a down computer, so I've not been able to check in. I know this rather late but hey, it's better late than never, and I just had to leave my condolences to Charlie and the Hodge family.