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Charlie Hodge Hospitalized

February 27, 2006 | People
According to the Danish Elvis Unlimited site Elvis’ long time friend, army budy and guitarist Charlie Hodge has now been hospitalized due to his cancer illness. Charlie has been fighting cancer for some time.

Updated March 1 2006 from E.I.N. website:

Charlie suffered a reaction to the radiation treatments he's been undergoing and it was bothering his eating. He was hospitalized and the problem was found immediately. For precaution, Sir Chaz was kept in the hospital a couple of extra days.

Charlie went home yesterday (27 Feb). While he wanted to return to the stage at Memories Theater immediately, he's being asked, for his own good, to rest at home for a couple of weeks. The doctors said, after X-rays, that Sir Chaz is showing "some improvement." He will undergo another scan in about two weeks. It wouldn't be Charlie otherwise, but while in pain in the beginning of his hospital stay, I'm told he kept the nurses laughing. It can't get any straighter than this".
Source:Elvis Unlimited
nrbl wrote on February 27, 2006
Be storng Charlie!! Get well soon!!
cathyreno wrote on February 27, 2006
my prayers are with u
benny scott wrote on February 27, 2006
Dear Charlie, I hope you'll soon get better. My prayers are with and for you. God Bless!Always El
andy mac wrote on February 27, 2006
i hope and pray you will soon get better charlie
Aarons wrote on February 27, 2006
I hope you get well soon Charlie, I hope you have your friends around you
Casey wrote on February 27, 2006
Charie, my thoughts & prayers are with you always!
KarmaPatty wrote on February 27, 2006
My Prayers are with you Charlie and your family. Hoping for all the best. Best Regards
Ton Bruins wrote on February 27, 2006
In hospital ? Not a good sign I think....
Crawfish wrote on February 27, 2006
Oh Charlie, we are all praying for you here in UK. Please get well soon. XXX
Michael Comley wrote on February 27, 2006
Charlie, I am not great with words but my thoughts & prayers are with you tonight. I have been very lucky to meet you twice and to me you are the very best and most loyal one to our man. You have never said a bad word about him. Charlie I love you, fight it and beat it. TCB & alot of TLC
elvis77ro wrote on February 27, 2006
No one likes pain to our final way to silence. I pray...
Renan Augusto wrote on February 28, 2006
Hey Charlie, get well soon buddy. Best Regards from Brazil
Skippy wrote on February 28, 2006
Charlie cancer is an ugly illness, be strong, have faith and believe you will beat this. My prayers are with you and your family.
oldie56~2 wrote on February 28, 2006
Come On Charlie, I just put a Get-Well Card in the mail yesterday and was hopefull that it would find you at home carrying on your usual along with Chemo and Radiation? I am a 15 year Cancer Survivor (although I never consider myself a "Survivor"). 'Survivor' to me means a daily vigilent process. Keep 'strong' and give it Hell! You'll have many good days ahead. Keep our maker in your prayers; I feel that is a 'given'. Fight-Fight-Fight! You're a "Good Guy" and IF a Miracle is needed, then that can happen too!
Lefty wrote on February 28, 2006
Charlie, I'm sorry to hear about your illness. In times like these it's good to know that there is strength and hope in Jesus. The song you sang with Elvis so many years ago have meaning for you today, "Lead me, guide me, along the way..." I will pray with you for healing.
bray1977 wrote on February 28, 2006
Thoughts and Prayers for you Charlie. You have the strength to beat this thing. We are all on your side. Get well soon.
Lisa wrote on March 01, 2006
Charlie...So many memories! My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Pautherem wrote on March 01, 2006
Keep strong Charlie. All our prayers are with you from the U.K.
Wendy wrote on March 02, 2006
Get well soon Charlie. All your friends in the UK are praying for you.
SCFC wrote on March 02, 2006
Best wishes to you Charlie. Keep up the fight, we're all thinking of you.
srodriguez wrote on March 04, 2006
I recieved an email stating that Charlie Hodge has passed away and then George Klien reported it on Elvis Sirius Radio. Just thought everyone should know to pray for the Hodge family RIP Charlie and may God Bless u Rockin
George_Vreeland_Hill wrote on March 04, 2006
WE ALL LOVE CHARLIE HODGE! Charlie was, is, and always will be, a great friend and talent. He is a part of history now, but Charlie Hodge will be even more loved in the years to come. So long, old friend! Everyone is getting together again in Heaven. I can't wait to shake their hands and hug them all!!