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QuickPoll Results And New Question

February 23, 2006 | Other
With all the SUN material compilations coming out we asked you if we have had enough SUN releases. The 217 voters could not really make up their minds; 48 percent voted "yes" while the remaining 52 percent voted "no". Guess the mayority of them is waiting for the final Follow That Dream SUN release.

Talking about FTD, Ernst Jorgensen confirmed that at this stage the plans for the July 2006 releases include the release of the "Clambake" soundtrack in the Classical Albums series. We want to know if you think "Clambake" is a classic Elvis release.
Theo wrote on February 23, 2006
I was going to vote 'no', but I looked up the tracklist of the original Clambake-album released in '67, and although there are some pretty weak tracks, the album also features good songs like How Can You Loose What You Never Had, You Don't Know Me & A House That Has Everything, and some fantastic bonus tracks: Guitar Man & Big Boss Man.
byebye wrote on February 23, 2006
I sometimes think "quick poll questions" are diffuse, given no clear option on what to answer. It´s like... -Do you prefer "sweets or candy"? A bit more bolder questions are also desirable... Otherwise, a great site!
Colin B wrote on February 23, 2006
Originally it was announced that FTD would undertake the re-release of some of the Classic albums and some of the soundtrack albums. This release falls into the 2nd category.
PTCJones wrote on February 24, 2006
It would be nice to see some more quality titles in the classic series. We have been given most of the worst ones up to now with a good one now and then thrown in. I have a feeling we will be seeing Having Fun With Elvis On Stage and Kissin' Cousins soon though. Can't wait to hear all the alternate takes of Barefoot Ballad!
tigerpawl wrote on February 25, 2006
All of elvis albums are classics, plus if they are released on FTD label they usually are a little better with the different outtakes.
Ciscoking wrote on February 26, 2006
Clambake... classic ?.....No !! Elvis Is Back...classic ?....Yes !! This says it all...I think.
JerryNodak wrote on February 26, 2006
It just boggles my mind that there's a raging debate going on just because Clambake is supposedly being released as part of the Classic album series instead of the soundtrack series Talk about getting your shorts in a bunch over nothing. No wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
Dixieland Rock wrote on February 27, 2006
Boy howdy..... What's this world come to?...lol If "Clambake" can stir a raging debate, then songs like "He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad" & "Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce" must be next.....lol. The question I have is, how did the movie producers take a movie about a rich guy that races a boat & decide "Clambake" is the right title?...lol. That would be like taking the movie "Titanic" and naming it "Wine" because way into the movie someone was spotted drinking wine.
Steve V wrote on March 02, 2006
I remember buying Clambake in 1967 and being made fun of by The Beatles fans in my class. They had Sgt Pepper that same year. We had Confidence. A classic album? I don't think so. It should not be viewed that way to avoid further ridicule.
see see rider wrote on March 03, 2006
i personally don't see what the big deal was about sgt. pepper..don't get me wrong..i like the beatles and i like sgt. pepper..i just never understood what all the hype was about it????