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Elvis 3rd. Most Awesome Dead Rock Star

February 25, 2006 | People
Johnny Cash, who is currently being depicted by Joaquin Phoenix in biopic 'Walk The Line', beat off competition from other deceased legends including Elvis Presley and rap star Notorious BIG to claim the top spot in a poll from Virgin to find the 'most awesome dead rock star'.

The top 10:

1. Johnny Cash
2. Notorious BIG
3. Elvis Presley
4. Tupac Shakur
5. John Lennon
6. Jimi Hendrix
7. Jerry Garcia
8. Kurt Cobain
9. Bob Marley
1O. Ray Charles
Source:Elvis Information Network
tcb_guy wrote on February 25, 2006
What a strange list. Five of thes people have never been rock stars: 1. Johnny Cash 2. Notorious BIG 4. Tupac Shakur 9. Bob Marley 1O. Ray Charles Johnny Cash number One? I certainly dig Cash but he ain't no rock star. Whatever.
MK wrote on February 25, 2006
Notorious BIG Beat Elvis?? I can see Johnny Cash being #1 now, with the hype and all but the Others ,, this country and music industry in the US really have gone to the blazes. Alll Tupac and BIG did were promote death and hate, they did nothing at all for music like Elvis, and the others. Oh Well look at that the US is still trailing in quality od life. Don't surprise me a bit.
Colonel wrote on February 25, 2006
Pardon me ?!?! WTF does Notorious BIG on that list? And where is Dennis Wilson ?
ranskal wrote on February 25, 2006
Taking shots at the US...MK, because of this poll?? Who really cares about this poll? I am assuming this was an online poll, and my guess is there are more people on the internet that weren't around when Elvis was or at the tail end of his life (like me), so they may not understand what he was about. I totally agree Elvis should be at the top, but perception changes over time. The only reason Cash is on top is because of the movie and his recent death.
elvislady wrote on February 25, 2006
i echo ranskal!
MK wrote on February 25, 2006
Sorry if you misunderstood, First I liv and have always lived in this great United States. And mostly believing that Elvis was a true American! But if you look, most great musicians do tour with better results out of the US! I am a fan of Brain Setzer, he did some Christmas shows here, but the good stuff was all done in Europe! Also the US pushes and idolizes Snoop dog ,,, ever see the commercials on TV. Badmouthing the US. NO WAY MAN, But the ideals in music have gone too far down.Again Sorry if you ..(only 1 I saw) misunderstood my post. GOD BLESS AMERICA
shaneleebrown wrote on February 25, 2006
Cash might not have sung much rock n roll - although he did touch on it in his performances - but he certainly lived the rock n roll life style and thing should qualify for the list. I don;t think the biography has much to do with the list - his recordings with the American label made him very popular with, shall we say, the more discerning youth audience and his covers of Nine Inch Nails, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave and U2 certainly helped him out there. What's more, Cash was more open about his personal life than Elvis ever was about his - or was allowed to be, shall we say. And, most people in the general public don't really remember Elvis' raw rock n roll recordings over the more family orientated performer that he became in the movies and in the 70s. So that might account for Cash's lead at the top. If I was guessing who would be at the top, however, I would been expecting Kurt Cobain to be much higher than he was. Elvis should obviously be there. And where was Freddy Mercury???
Robban wrote on February 25, 2006
It´s always interesting too see how many "real" Elvis fans, that totally agree with every poll that comes along. How they always manage too explain how true it is that Elvis should be taken a backseat too every other artist that comes along and that we should just be happy that he is on the list even if Donald Duck or who ever is topping the list. If you´re not with him, you´re against him! Go join the Donald Duck fanclub instead!
see see rider wrote on February 25, 2006
I can understand "Johnny Cash" "John Lennon" "Jimi Hendrix" "jerry Garcia" "Kurt Cobain" and maybe "Ray Charles" but what the H*** is "Tupac" "Notorious" and "Marley" doing on here?? Rap and Reggae the last I knew was not the same as Rock N' Roll..So I have to question this list, and besides that, it's obvious Elvis should have been number one. Sheesh.
JerryNodak wrote on February 26, 2006
I have no problem with an icon like Johnny Cash being on the list. Even though I've never thought of him as a rock star. I can even understand his finishing in front of Elvis. With his biopic currently in theaters his name is much more upfront in the public mindset. But what the heck are the rappers doing on a rock star list. Rap has nothing in common with Rock. I would even argue that rap has nothing in common with music. Oh well. Another useless list.
Paz wrote on February 26, 2006
To all the people who talked about Tupac: Don't be so ignorant and go see the Tupac documentary Resurrection, and let it change your mind about him. I've been a fan of him since I was 12 years old (I'm 23 now). But since my early youth (say 6/7 years old) I've been listening to Elvis and Johnny Cash, because my father had their records, and I recorded it on cassette. I now have all of Tupac's music and most of Elvis and Cash. So don't be stupid and go listen to some of Tupac's tracks before you judge him. That would also stop you from saying ridiculous things like "all he did was promote death and hate", because that was not what he was about. For proof listen to 'Dear Mama', and then try defending that statement. Now I'm going to listen to some of Elvis gospel music to calm me down, because all that ignorance made me angry...
Steve B. wrote on February 26, 2006
All you have to do is check the earnings for the year and you will always be able to tell who is the "most awesome dead rock star." And we all know who the run away winner in $$$$ earned is! And Elvis has been dead longer than anyone of the list.
xplaura wrote on February 26, 2006
How come we are arguing about labels? Elvis was never held back by being strictly anything: rock, country, gospel etc. If it wasn't for Elvis, there wouldn't have been all these types of music to choose from. I think we should take a leaf from our man, and embrace all types of music. He never put other styles down, why are we? In this day and age, who can really claim to be only one or the other? Even Bizarre from D12 (a rapper) has a song saying "I'm a rock star".'Rock star' doesn't have the same meaning as it did when Elvis was alive. There would be no argument from us if Elvis was on a list of the greatest country singers, but what would the Garth Brooks fans say? I take these polls with a grain of salt, because you'll never get a true reflection of opinion.
cathyreno wrote on February 26, 2006
who thinks up these polls? a waste of space if you ask me... t c b
Elvisss wrote on February 26, 2006
A question to ponder...What if Elvis never made it onto this list? There is no argument as to where Elvis should be if one knows the history.
cathyreno wrote on February 27, 2006
I wish Elvis wasn't on the list
dzelvis wrote on February 27, 2006
i dont know who does this polls , but please come on everybody knows elvis should be #1 hands down, i mean, please tupak and notorious big , what the heck, what is that, is that rock, theres no comparison rap is not music, is junk noise so to put them in the list is ridiculous, i know who is # 1.!
elvis100 wrote on February 27, 2006
I don't think that we should feel sad or mad that Elvis didn't got the first spot. I haven't seen the movie/biopic of Johnny Cash yet, but have seen a documentary on TV about it and it seems that Joaquin really did a good job. I suppose that's because of the recent movie that Johnny Cash got the first place. If the movie "Ray" was the most recent one, maybe Ray Charles would get the first spot, who knows...? The important thing is: maybe Elvis will finally get someone interested in doing a REAL and GOOD job by presenting a nice biopic on him as well... but I suppose it's very difficult to find the actor, right?!
Devon wrote on February 27, 2006
I must agree with cathyreno, i wish Elvis was not on the list. But you know what, #1 or in last place it doesnt matter Elvis will always be the King.
see see rider wrote on February 28, 2006
I also agree with "Cathyreno" and "Devon". And also this....This poll is about Rock Stars not "Rap or Hip-Hop" etc. That particular music isn't nothing short but a form of "Karaoke" in disguise set to pre-recorded track's, and for those of you on here that listen to the stuff and wanna take offense to that..Go take a cold shower..That's my opinion. Now, with that being said, The term Rock Star may or may not have the same meaning now as it did back in Elvis's day....But if you're gonna clump all the different types of music as being one and the same, then what's the point of having say..The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame? you got people in there now that didn't even play Rock N' Roll Music. Just like this poll, you've 2 or 3 people that don't belong. You have to have somekind of separation just for the simple fact, That there are different types of music in this World..There alway's has been and there alway's will be. Now one could say, well Elvis didn't just play all Rock N' Roll Music..That's true, But, Elvis is more known for his contributions in the field of Rock N' Roll than any other. Elvis is also one of very few that's in all three Hall of fame's, Rock, Country and Gospel. If anything, Country Music is the one that has taken a major turn, cos' to me, Country Music today isn't Country Music, It's got more of a Pop-Rock sound to it.
pasa-ryu wrote on April 14, 2006
i cannot believe my eyes!-elvis should have benn no.1!!..elvis was the first to mix blues and country and started it all..if it wasnt for elvis their would'nt be a johnny cash or rock and roll-you can count on one hand how many no.1 hits johnny cash as had,elvis has had too many too count...this is a joke..elvis being no.3??
sunrecords56 wrote on May 22, 2006
I saw Elvis in a UFO and he was number one, little Pink Bald headed men were there too but Elvis was #1