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EPE Reaction on German On Tour Release

February 14, 2006 | Video
Here is a reaction from EPE on the German release of the 1972 Golden Globe winning documentary "Elvis On Tour".

From EPE:

"Elvis Presley Enterprises does not own the film Elvis On Tour and has not played any role in the German DVD release. We do not know why Warner Brothers' German branch chose to release the exisiting version of Elvis On Tour rather than wait until the new edition Warner Brothers in America is planning becomes available. Whenever Warner Brothers has information to share about the content of the new DVD and its release date, information will be posted in News on our site, our FAQ item about the concert films will be updated and we will include the information in our e-newsletter mailings."
gilesm wrote on February 14, 2006
So, Warner Brother in the USA are planning a special edition of "On Tour" Fantastic news. Let's hope that this comes to fruition and that the special edition does not fail in the planning stages. Fantastic news, if it actually happens that is !
tcb_guy wrote on February 14, 2006
If the original cinema version of "On Tour" is only about to be released in Germany on DVD, this will probably become a collectors item in the future. The original "That's The Way It Is" DVD certainly is very rare. So Warner Bros. in the USA are planning a special edition? Oh, what great news. They have been telling us this for years. I'm not so sure about that. But hopefully in 2007 there will be a "35th anniversary edition".