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No More Daily Mail?

February 07, 2006 | Other
After the free "Loving You" DVD and positive magazine in last weekend UK's Daily Mail newspaper most fans were enthousiastic. Following the DVD the newspaper would run a five part series.

According to Elvis Express the newspaper could not follow through on the good start from the weekend. "we feel the paper would be best left for wrapping fish and chips".

From the Elvis Express:

After all, when a major investigation gets a simple thing like how many UK number ones Elvis has had, wrong! (Mr Jones claims 18 - but the fact is Mr. Jones it is 21) what credibility can be given to the rest of the investigation?

I thought that Doctor Who had whisked me away in the Tardis and we had arrived in the 1980's to once again be surrounded by tabloid trash with bold text sub-titles like: He spied on female guests as they undressed and He was reading raunchy porn, the later refers to Ginger Alden saying that Elvis was reading a book about the Turin Shroud when he died! But according to Dr. Dan Worlick, who led the inquiry into his death, Elvis was reading a raunchy and hardcore pornographic book when he died?

There are several excerpts from Albert Goldmans two books about Elvis and Mr. Jones has enlisted the services of Patsy Presley Gambill, George Nichopolous, Marty Lacker, Gordon Stoker, Charlie Hodge and Joe Esposito.

Here we are in 2006 and once again, instead of the media starting to take a serious look into the music and influence that Elvis Presley brought to the 20th Century, we have taken one giant step backwards thanks to a man named "Reporter of the year" who has written nothing more than a re-worked piece of sensationalist tabloid crap.

The way David Jones describes Elvis in his last year really highlights the compassion and understanding that he has obviously not grasped during his investigation... He describes Elvis as a "Bloated Freak Show".
Source:The Elvis Express
Wendy wrote on February 07, 2006
If people like this Mr Jones can't get their facts right they should not be saying anything in the first place. I believe the majority of the British public realise what a load of rubbish he has written and not got past the first paragraph. We his fans in the UK love Elvis regardless of what these idiots print, correct or incorrect.
Lex wrote on February 07, 2006
Well, at least he was right about the last year :-)
tk10 wrote on February 07, 2006
its certainly not the elvis i knew and respected as portrayed in mr. jones article/ i lean more towards elvis what really happened on the websearch engines by christine hayes .paul terry king
everett001 wrote on February 07, 2006
We've all heard this crap for years; and it doesn't sway us the least. I've loved the man since the first time I heard him sing, THAT'S ALL RIGHT' MAMA in 1954, and I still think he is the GREATEST!! I buy his records, CDs, Posters and other stuff allmost daily.Let them write what they want, it just makes their stupidity show even more. Besides; we dont have to buy them.
Sean Ryan wrote on February 07, 2006
This makes me sick. how much more rubbish have we fans got to put up with? the reason that david jones thinks elvis has had only 18 no.1's is cause in the 2005 uk hit singles book , it only goes up to the end of 2004 which doesnt inclue the 3 extra number ones elvis got in 2005 which says that this reporter has done all his homework by books.'reporter of the year' give me a break.
vinny wrote on February 08, 2006
Dont get stressed over this... if nothing else sit on the toilet and let it inspire you. The free DVD's are great to keep at the caravan
ta2k wrote on February 08, 2006
I brought this up in the initial DMail posting on Monday,i`m glad to see some people in agreement with me. It is easy for us to dismiss it because we `know` the realities.Non-fans will take it as true though and give them further nonsense to irritate me with. As much as people try to put Elvis down it is down to us to be even stronger in our push to maintain and extend his musical legacy;we must all rush out and buy Heartbreak Hotel(yes for the millionth time) and earn our man some more Positive publicity.TCB.
benny scott wrote on February 08, 2006
Bought the daily mail last monday. I was disgusted.I won't buy the rest of this bullsh... Who are the idiots who proclaimed David Jones "reporter of the year ". Let The King rest in peace and let's enjoy his music as long as we live ! Always El
John4126 wrote on February 08, 2006
Littered with basic factual errors, overly reliant on Goldman's trash and totally unfounded speculation. To be honest i havent read anything 'new' in the theories expressed. Not even sure what the point of the series is?
Crawfish wrote on February 08, 2006
Absolute crap! Totally agree, absolutely full of errors and inconsistencies. However it goes over we true fans heads but it is the "man in the street" who likes Elvis and is keen to learn more that it is dangerous for! Here we are again protecting and correcting! When will this ever end and the likes of Mr. Jones be able to spot a genius? Never I suspect; so lets carry on doing our bit for Elvis till the year dot!
Sean Ryan wrote on February 08, 2006
The thing that i dont like is that people like this reporter is they can print rubbish about elvis knowing that no one is really interested in what the fans think but if this reporter printed an article about Allah and insulted the muslim religon then this reporter would know that he would have to live the rest of his life in fear.Especially in what is happening around the world today.Im not comparing elvis to a god or religon but just using this as an example.He hasnt shown any respect to elvis's memory or his fans and done his research by using crappy books.The Daily Mail has really let itself down especially after that fantastic free dvd and supplement.
Dixieland Rock wrote on February 08, 2006
I wonder how many dozens of cars Mr Jones has given away to strangers? I'm guessing zero. I wonder if he has given away thousands & thousands of dollars to Charities? I seriously doubt it. How many Number 1 records has Mr Jones earned on his own merits? How many Top 10 or Top 20 hits has he earned by himself? How many Grammys does this guy have? I wonder if he has a hospital and city streets named after him. Does he have 33 Movies under his belt? When is his Worldwide Satelite Show & Double Album coming out? How many Gold & Platinum records has this guy earned from his talents? How many made for TV movies have been made for this writer? Is his birthday anniversary celebrated around the world every year? I doubt it. Is this guy perfect? Has this writer looked at his own flaws? Elvis no doubt made good & bad decisions. Who on this earth hasn't? I think alot of these writers are jealous of the good things Elvis accomplished. So they focus on the negative things of a person like Elvis because they don't have the courage themselves to achieve great things like Elvis did. So Mr Jones, where is your trophy room full of 50 years of gold and platinum awards at?
SendToTodd wrote on February 08, 2006
I do not understand the thinking behind publishing material of this nature. 2.7 million copies of Saturday's Daily Mail were sold - a virtual sell out - because people wanted the Loving You DVD. Most will have watched it by now and hopefully enjoyed it. When I read a newspaper I only read those features that interest me. If I wasn't interested in Elvis, then the series would mean nothing to me and I'd skip the pages. But I am interested in Elvis. I am aware of his faults, but I am more aware of his successes and for once I would like to see these celebrated in print. If you like Elvis then reading this serialisation will find you both disappointed and hurt. So what is the point? Why kick your readers in the teeth. I've already fired off my complaint on behalf of the fan club, and I feel double angry because we promoted the free DVD deal in our magazine. I will say that when we agreed to promote the DVD offer we were not made aware of the forthcoming offensive serialisations.
Sean Ryan wrote on February 08, 2006
Yes Todd. It doesnt seem a very logical thing to do cause im assuming that the majority of the regular readers of this paper have enough common sense to realise that this reporter is a complete wally by trying to belittle Elvis's image.it has taken years for elvis to get back where he belongs and its cool to be an elvis fan once again,especially for the teenagers.The amount of young girls i see with t-shirts with the word 'elvis' on the front makes me feel proud to be an elvis fan then this reporter tries to bring up 'dirt' which has completely dumbfounded and angered most fans after the brilliant DVD and supplement we got from this paper.It doesnt make any sense at all.
cathyreno wrote on February 09, 2006
Dixieland rock you said for all of us!! But people are entitled to their opinion. Even if Mr Jones who's probably never sat down and just listen to elvis's music.. thinks he can make that sort of statement, which is a load of cr**p. Anyway we know what Elvis was and is... The greatest T C B everyone (except Mr Jones haha)
byebye wrote on February 09, 2006
Free press, free opinion, free country, -Free DVD! -Fair enough...
Sean Ryan wrote on February 09, 2006
yeah ,let all the papers give a free DVD away then a few days later insult elvis's memory by printing aload of lies about him. fair enough, you must be joking.
byebye wrote on February 10, 2006
At least the news papers are not considered to be backstabbing friends....It´s in their nature as tabloids.
Sean Ryan wrote on February 10, 2006
backstabbing friends? all they did was print the truth, no lies.At least they didnt wait till elvis passed away to write it.they knew and elvis knew he could have sued them.When Elvis died people started saying and printing all sorts of stuff about elvis.That is what makes me angry.Red spoke to elvis and told him what the book is gonna be about.He didnt stab Elvis in the back.
John4126 wrote on February 11, 2006
Sean Ryan - well said. What kind of mate gets their dad to sack life long friends, who would have laid down their lives for him? Leave Red out of this discussion.
see see rider wrote on February 11, 2006
Elvis didn't need to read or look at porn simply because, the man could've had anybody he wanted slim,trim or over weight it didn't matter, and even IF he was, big deal..what normal man on this planet hasn't looked at it. what get's me is these people wanna still rag on the way the man died, but what they don't realize is, when death comes knocking and it's your time to go, it's not gonna care one way or the other what your doing at the time, and this crap about Elvis being a freak show the last year of his life..Please!! Yes the man was over weight and looked bad but so what, he still had a powerful voice and if I had to choose between having Elvis over weight or no Elvis at all, I'd gladly choose the first. Oh, and just for the record..Blood IS thicker than water.
Dixieland Rock wrote on February 11, 2006
This writer that trashed Elvis in his article, you mean the best he can accomplish is one meesely "Reporter of the year" award?....lol. If he is so much better than Elvis, where is his Grammy Awards, Gold & Platinum awards? Where is his "JC's 10 Outstanding Men" award? Plus numerous other awards? No wonder he trashes Elvis, it sounds like his accomplishment can be counted on one finger. Elvis's accomplishments could fill an entire book. Elvis had flaws just like the rest of us. No one is immune from flaws. It's sad that some people make a name for thmselves by focusing on someone elses flaws. If this writer focused on his own flaws instead of Elvis's, who can't speak up for himself now, this guy might earn more than one forgetable "reporter of the year" award.