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Asian Superbit DVD Releases

February 06, 2006 | Video
Released recently in Asia is a series of "Superbit" Elvis DVDs. The idea behind Superbit is to leave virtually all extras off the disc so that all its capacity is available for video and audio. Even the menu is static and plain. All this permits a higher bit rate. But on these "official" (?) discs we also get the extra's.


Viva Las Vegas
Double Trouble (1967)
SpeedwayThe Trouble With Girls
Harum Scarum
Love Me Tender
Wild In The Country

Note: The films are not official, not DTS, reasonable quality, but are all mono or just 2 channel stereo.
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E.J.F... wrote on February 07, 2006
Well, with all Elvis movies released on DVD so far, it isn't too hard to leave all extras off the disc! I don't think there is one single Elvis DVD that was filled to capacity yet! Besides, I have my doubts about the authenticity of these Asian "Superbit DTS ES" releases. I have never purchased any of these releases myself but in my opinion they are just gimmicks. Nothing else.
Renan Augusto wrote on February 07, 2006
Still missing Elvis On Tour with lots and lots of extra.............
Dan wrote on February 07, 2006
I have two of these DVD's, Elvis in Concert and This Elvis. First off, they are Bootlegs! The films have not been officially released in DTS or not at all as with the previously mentioned titles. They are decent quality, but are all MONO or Just 2 Channel stereo, NOT DTS. If you can get This is Elvis, great, the others..not so sure!!!
gilesm wrote on February 07, 2006
I would agree witht he notion that these are not official. The phrase "Superbit" and the concept of using the entire disc for just the movie, is in fact a method used by Colombia Tristar home video. No other company has the right to use the "Superbit" name or claim to be a "Superbit" DVD. As far as I know Colombia Home Video own no Elvis titkes, and certainly not these ones !