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Turkish Pepsi Bottles With Elvis

February 01, 2006 | Other
In Turkey Pepsi runs a campaign called "Music Collection". In this campaign you can get a ring tone for your mobile phone by sending a SMS message to a given number. Pepsi also released some bottles with the images of some singing stars on them. For the 50s they have chosen Elvis and the song "Love Me Tender". Unfortunately, they have printed an Elvis image from 70s on the bottles.
Source:Elvis Turk Fan Club
get real wrote on February 01, 2006
"Unfortunately, they have printed an Elvis image from 70s on the bottles." Why is a 70s image a problem? Elvis in the 70s is my fav period.
vegaselvisfan wrote on February 02, 2006
it's not unfortunate that there is a 70s image. it's unfortunate that they got their decades mixed up! maybe they meant 70s in the first place... (my favorite decade of elvis)
ElvosIsBack wrote on February 03, 2006
"Unfortunately" in a way like not matching the 50's Elvis, and maybe the opinion of the 70's Elvis image of the general public?
angleeyes wrote on February 06, 2006
I think it would be cool if the U.S.did something like that. we got some from graceland years ago some are still sealed.