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News From Shaun Nielsen

January 24, 2006 | Music
Shaun Nielsen is currently working on a CD project titled "Now And Then There’s A Group Such As Voice", together with his wife Brenda he is also working on a CD titled "Until The Twelfth Of Never". What the CDs will contain is unknown at this moment. Shaun also still working on his autobiography, which will also include his time spent with Elvis.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
Ton Bruins wrote on January 25, 2006
Is it strange to say that I dont care a **** about what Shaun Nielsen is doing ?
Sean Ryan wrote on January 25, 2006
You mean the time he spent with Elvis on stage.Didnt Sherril say that Elvis used to fake the ending of songs and it was me that took over the high notes.
chrisc wrote on January 25, 2006
Please, Sean, let's not immediately start being negative again.
Sean Ryan wrote on January 25, 2006
i knew you would come out with a comment like that which is why i put it up.i think sherrill is great.fooled you chrisc.
Lex wrote on January 26, 2006
"Now and then there's a singing saw" might be a better title, or "Until the twelfth of ear aches".
Ton Bruins wrote on January 26, 2006
Or "Until The Twelfth Of The Dollars I Earn Thanks To Elvis". Lol.
Vital Pluymers wrote on January 31, 2006
Strange comments! I thought Elvis really loved his singing. Does Elvis has a bad musical taste then?