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Elvis - A Legendary Performer, Volume 8

January 23, 2006 | Music
The next release from the Madison label will be "Elvis - A Legendary Performer Volume 8". Like the first three volumes from this series this CD will feature previously unreleased live and rehearsal performances, unedited studio recordings in stereo, movie outtakes, interviews, radio greetings, and previously issued tracks with improved sound quality. The packaging will include a 16 page, illustrated booklet and relevant text.

Some of Volume 8's highlights include great performances from the Ed Sullivan shows, taken directly from the original CBS kinescopes, previously unreleased rehearsals from February 1970, the unedited, undubbed stereo master of "Funny How Time Slips Away" in perfect sound, an extended stereo version of "The Sound Of Your Cry" (alternate take 6), an unedited stereo version of "Danny Boy" (alternate take 9), a previously unreleased live rendition of "An American Trilogy" from August 1972, excerpts from an Australian radio broadcast containing messages from Elvis and a rare interview by DJ Tom Moffatt at the site of Elvis' arrival in Hawaii on January 9, 1973, a great sounding version of Elvis' last live rendition of "For The Good Times" from December 29, 1976 (mixed down to mono from the original binaural recording) and more.

We feel Volume 8 is the best of the series so far and all fans will be pleased as well. Upcoming from the Madison label will be soundboard recordings -- no Volume 9 of the Legendary series will be scheduled before early Fall 2006. Finally, Madison would like everyone to know they had nothing to do with the recent "Elvis- A Legendary Performer Volumes 3 and 4" releases.
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Renan Augusto wrote on January 23, 2006
Previously unreleased rehearsals from February 1970? Well, I like this.
asd123 wrote on January 23, 2006
Great news! I'm really looking forward to this new release! But hey guys from madison, why again crap like this --> "For The Good Times" from December 29, 1976 (mixed down to mono from the original binaural recording)? I guess everybody knows that birmingham was recorded on an usual mono-soundboard. I can't take this serious.
You Dont Know Me wrote on January 24, 2006
This sounds like a 'fine' release and knowing 'Madison' should be up to their usual high standard-looking forward to this one!
Ciscoking wrote on January 24, 2006
Besides the fact that one cut was obviously taken directly from another website it sounds like an o.k. release. They should have mentioned this (if it is the case). Keep on Madison.
pasa-ryu wrote on January 27, 2006
hope to get my copy from 'now dig this'?..got volume's 5-7,so 8 is a must have!-it looks far better.10/10.