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Updates On Ernst Jorgensen's SUN Box

January 16, 2006 | Book
Fabris G. Luca, an Elvis researcher assisting Ernst Jorgensen with his Sun project, is looking for help from Elvis fans. He contacted the guys from the E.I.N site with a request for help. In it he gives several details on this upcoming release.

We asked Ernst Jorgensen for confirmation of the facts and his reaction was: "No, nothing is finalized yet. But Luca is a great guy, and helps me".

Original message:

"I'm an Elvis researcher expecially on the early days. Mainly all these researches are in relation to a book/CD project for the Elvis fan club network I've been asked to help with.

It's a 3/4 CD 200 pages book about Elvis stay at SUN records by Ernst Jorgensen. I am now helping detail the period from July 1954 through to the end of 1955.

Ernst is BMG's chief at Elvis music archivist. The book will consist of more than 400 early photos - half of them previously unpublished. It's not an attempt of once again write the story of Elvis Presley, but more a collection of information, photos, memorabilia and stories shared by fans who where there at the time. The book will not deal in gossip or other unpleasant material - it's all about the innocence of the time and the impact of Elvis' music.

We are trying to document every single show Elvis did, and we have come fairly close. So I'm looking for photos, recordings from Louisiana Hayride or Opry, or any live radio gig or interview .... anything is welcome from the 50s!!

And while Elvis played the Mississippi area a lot during 1955 we have very little information and no photos at all!"

You can contact Luca by mail: plcpf@tin.it.
Dixieland Rock wrote on January 21, 2006
About Elvis Presley performing in Mississippi, I've talked to several people that either saw or remember Elvis Presley performing in Corinth, Mississippi when he was just getting started. According to what I've been told, Elvis performed INSIDE the Alcorn County Courthouse in Corinth once & I heard he also performed outside in front of the Courthouse in Corinth, Mississippi. I also was told that Elvis performed some at the old American Legion Building in Corinth, Mississippi. Another story concerning Elvis in Corinth I've heard was that he once cashed one of his paychecks at a local Corinth, Mississippi bank. Another story I've heard many times is that Elvis once spent the night with some people from Corinth while he was in the area. I don't know if this information will help. But these are some of the stories of Elvis in Corinth, Mississippi I've been told by several sources that remember it.