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Poll Results And New Question

January 21, 2006 | Other
After the news that in Germany a basic version of "On Tour" would be released on DVD we asked you if you believed that 2006 would bring us a Deluxe "On Tour" DVD set. From the 276 votes 42 percent voted (hoped) "yes", the remaining 58 percent doesn't expect it (this year).

For the new poll we would like to have your opinion on historical Elvis places. The new poll is: "It is a shame the studio where Elvis recorded Heartbreak Hotel has been torn down".

Update: removed incorrect "Studio B" name.
Colin B wrote on January 22, 2006
It's the RCA Studio on McGavock Street, Nashville, that has been demolished. That's where Heartbreak Hotel was recorded. It isn't the famous 'Studio B' !
Steve B. wrote on January 22, 2006
Colin, You are so correct. Mike Curb, the fellow that owns Curb Records, owns the famous Studio B in Nashville. He has restored it so it is just like it was when Elvis recorded there.