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Charlie Hodge Ill (Updated)

January 15, 2006 | People
Charlie Hodge, Elvis' army buddy and friend until 1977, has been diagnosed with cancer. He has secretly been battling cancer the past two months, but today the "news" leaked.

Charlie met Elvis on the boat from the USA to Germany in September 1958. They stayed friends until Elvis' death in August 1977. Charlie was the guy who sang back up, played guitar, handed Elvis water and gave him scarf's on stage during the shows in the 1970's.

From Memories Theater, where Charlie Hodge has been performing these past few years, and here's the straight poop:

Charlie Hodge, despite his ailment, continues to perform nightly at Memories Theater and "if you were not aware of his condition, you would never know he is sick." His humor remains high, as does his faith in God.

Here is an update on the condition of Charlie Hodge from his girlfriend Jennifer:

"yes it is true that charlie has lung cancer. he was diagnosed on december 21st and started his treatments january 2nd. for 2 months he has to take radiation 5 days a week and chemo once a week. so far he is responding well to the treatments with little side effects so we are staying positive. after 2 months of treatment they might continue with the chemo. every 3 months they will do tests to see if his treatments are successful."

It would be wonderful if everyone in the Elvis world deluged Sir Charles with Get Well cards. Send to:

Sir Charles
c/o Memories Theater
2141 Parkway
Pigeon Forge TN 37863
cathyreno wrote on January 13, 2006
I'm shocked! Take it easy Charlie my prayers are with you xx
Elvisguitarman wrote on January 13, 2006
Hopefully, this isn't the same "bone cancer" that Charlie reported Elvis had in his book & video. I do wish him well and a healthy recovery.
newyorknewyork wrote on January 13, 2006
This news has really shocked me, I hope he will be ok. I have always liked Charlie Hodge, I feel that he truly loved Elvis and was a good friend to him. My prayers go out to him also.
HAMADA wrote on January 13, 2006
Dear Charlie, Greetings from Berlin & wish you good health for the future.
asd123 wrote on January 13, 2006
Charlie, my best wishes to you! Stay strong!
byebye wrote on January 13, 2006
Charlie was a Elvis´"real brother in arms, and a profile I missed during the EP concert in Sweden "99. I hope you get well!!
the colonel wrote on January 14, 2006
A man who always protected E.P. and despite being called a flunkie, even humerously by E.P. ELVIS relied heavely on CHARLIE, to get him through the show, as did the whole band he is truly a talented musician in his own right and not often given the credit he deserves, his book was tastefully done, he didn't dig up any dirt like ESPOSITO, and he really worked for his buck! Charlie, I do look forward to seeing on tour/conventions again just as all fans do, GOD SPEED SIR.
Aron wrote on January 14, 2006
Charlie, all my best wishes to you for a quick recovery! Stay strong! God bless you!
Ton Bruins wrote on January 14, 2006
I wish you all the best Charlie, allthough I am sometimes critical when I discuss him, but I wish you get better. Be Strong...!
elvislady wrote on January 14, 2006
get well soon charlie, you have lots of support. jeanette , england.
bray1977 wrote on January 14, 2006
Get better Charlie. Best wishes and prayers to you.
Crawfish wrote on January 15, 2006
So sorry Charlie to hear this news. Be strong and know that we are all thinking of you here in England. You are in our prayers.
Renan Augusto wrote on January 15, 2006
Hey Charlie. Brazilian fans wish you a speedy recovery and wish the best for you buddy.
nrbl wrote on January 15, 2006
Get Well soon Charlie, All the best to you!!
Devon wrote on January 15, 2006
May god bring you a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you every day. God bless.
Gabe wrote on January 15, 2006
I hope you get well soon, Charlie. You stood by Elvis' side till the end and we as fans will stand by your side during these hard times.
Lovetheboy wrote on January 15, 2006
Well I am so sorry to hear about this Charlie!!! You were a good friend to Elvis and I still love him so and miss him, you were part of his life and part of mine. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery and I am sure that our Boy Elvis will help you through this bad time. You will be in my prayers always and God Bless you my friend even If I never had the chance to meet you my heart is with you.
Vegas Fan wrote on January 15, 2006
The only man who could ever really sing harmony with The King! Hang Tough Charlie, and TCB!
andy mac wrote on January 15, 2006
lets all wish charlie well and hope and pray that he beats this horrible cancer
everett001 wrote on January 15, 2006
Hi Charlie, I hope you get well soon. We are all praying for you.Randall
Tina wrote on January 15, 2006
I wish you all the best Charlie, get well soon, we're all thinking of you
Marco Aurelio wrote on January 16, 2006
Charlie, we wish you a speedy recovery. Brazilian fans are wishing that!
Burninglove wrote on January 16, 2006
I'm so sorry to hear about this... get well soon Charlie...
Tupelo wrote on January 16, 2006
Hope you get well soon Charlie. Stay positive, even if that is a hard thing to do sometimes!
luckyjackson85 wrote on January 16, 2006
Hey, Charlie! I'm sorry to hear about the illness. I hope you get better really soon!!!
Nilson Rego wrote on January 16, 2006
Dearest Slewfoot, you Waterhead! :-) So sorry, Charlie, but I am very sure you will enjoy and appreciate it. It seems it was yesterday, doesn’t it? Let me tell you something: you must recover really well and fast. You have many things to do in life for yourself, your sweet family and friends and even for El´s fans (if you still have the nerveJ!). Remember REFLECTIONS? I still have my issues, believe it you not, with the peacock feather and everything! Now, perhaps it is time for you to take the project again, people are more mature. Perhaps. If not, do whatever you have to do for you and yours. And that’s all. Thanks for everything!
patrick-tcb wrote on January 17, 2006
Mr. Charlie: This will be the biggest battle of your life, but i know for sure that you will win this fight! And with all the love and support from your and Elvis fans you can't loose. Hope to see you soon in person on a elvis convention. Take care my friend. May god help and guide you through this hard ride.
Wendy wrote on January 17, 2006
Hope you beat this dreadful disease Charlie. All Elvis' fans are with you at this time and praying for a speedy recovery. You were one of Elvis' true friends and us his fans love you for that.
JC´ wrote on January 17, 2006
From Spain:Charlie we are with you.We love you more than you could be imagine!!You have the force,the good mood to battle against cancer.C´mon Charlie!!get well very soon!!we hope so much...GODBLESS YOU WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU from Spain.
see see rider wrote on January 18, 2006
Get well very soon Charlie, may the Lord Bless you with a speedy recovery.
timbo38 wrote on January 20, 2006
my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family..i had the opportunity to meet you 2yrs ago at memories theatre in gatlinburg, tenn..you will never know what an honor it was..i never got the chance to see elvis in person and meeting you is something i will never forget..you took time out to talk and take pictures.it really meant alot to me and my wife..i hope everything works out ok..please know everyone wishes you a speedy recovery..thank you again..
Mr. Songman wrote on January 23, 2006
Hang in there, Charlie. We want to keep Elvis' real friends around for a long time. You are as real as they come. We are with you, Pal.
Pautherem wrote on February 04, 2006
Charlie, all our thoughts and prayers are with you from all the Elvis Fans in the UK You can beat this
johnny vegas wrote on February 18, 2006
Get well soon Charlie, from Ian and Joan and everyone from the ELVIS TOUCH FAN CLUB Glasgow, Scotland.