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The Essential Remix Collection

January 12, 2006 | Music
Released in Italy by Liquid Records is the 2 CD “The Essential Remix Collection“. Is this import release essential?


The cover looks o.k. nice images of Elvis, but we miss Ann Margaret, she looks good in any picture with Elvis, so why cut her out?:-)


In the liner notes the producers claim they listened to a lot of remixes of Elvis songs, from both amateurs and professionals, selecting the best ones. We think they typed “Elvis Remix” in Kazaa or some other program and downloaded everything Elvis, leaving out Elvis Costello and Elvis Crespo MP3's. The result, a collection of crap pain in the ear so called “Elvis remixes”.

The audio quality varies from bad to good. You can almost hear the 128 kbs MP3’s that were used to create this compilation or incomplete recordings disguised with a fade in. The reggae mixes are just Elvis with an addition rhythm box, the others are mainly over the top remixes. Those who hated the Felton Jarvis mixes should stay far from this. The Jason Nevin remix is also an official release, although this was only available as a download release.

O.K. we must admit the CD does contain some funny tracks. The extended version of "Bossa Nova Baby" has been released by BMG, the “Groove” mix of “Rubbernecking” was the first and only Elvis bootleg that made it to the (dance) charts in the UK, and a lot of fans appreciate it over the official remix. The final acceptable track is the "Kiss Me Quick" remix featuring some guy with an Asian accent saying he liked Elvis since he was a little boy and saw all his movies. This was fun since it was one of the first mixes doing the rounds on the World Wide Web.


This is a very NON essential collection. Many of the tracks on this CD are also released as bootleg singles which sell for a lot of money on eBay, if you really, and we really mean really, want them, get this collection, since the bad quality of this material is not worth you hard earned money.

Track listing:

CD 1

Crying In The Chapel (reggae version)
In The Ghetto (reggae version)
Viva Las Vegas
Bossa Nova Baby (extended version)
Way Down (guitar mix)
Burning Love
It’s Only Love (extended version)
Night Life
Rubberneckin’ (2002 mix, Groove mix, Nevins club mix, Elvis VS Pink)
A Little Less Conversation (Eminem mix, M/A/R/R/S mix)
Born To Rock (edit mix)

CD 2

Viva Las Vegas (extended version)
Way Down (guitar mix) extended version
Burning Love (extended version)
Rubberneckin’ (Groove mix instrumental, Jason Nevins extended mix)
Born To Rock (extended version, instrumental version)

Bonus tracks

Suspicious Minds (dance mix)
Kiss Me Quick
Gonna Break Your God Damn Neck (the strung out mix)
Baby, I Don’t Care (soul mix)
Ciscoking wrote on January 13, 2006
This one really hurts...aaarrrrrghh...