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Elvis' Last Dentist Dies

January 12, 2006 | People
Dr. Lester Hofman, Elvis' dentist, died Tuesday, 10 January, at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. The last stop away from Graceland that Elvis Presley made on that night of August 15-16, 1977, was to Dr. Hofman's office to have his teeth cleaned and a cavity filled. He was accompanied by Ginger Alden. Hofman and his lovely wife, Sterling, were close friends to Elvis, who gave each of them a new car.

On one trip to Graceland, Dr. Hofman saw an organ in the house and told Elvis he admired the instrument. Before the evening was over, Elvis had packed the organ in a pickup truck and, when Dr. Hofman returned home in the wee hours, the truck followed and the organ was installed in his living room.

Dr. Lester Hofman will be buried today at Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Memphis.

(Thanks to Timothy Wilger for the photo).
Source:Elvis Information Network
Elvisguitarman wrote on January 12, 2006
I met Dr. Hofman & wife Sterling several years ago during EP Week. They were very nice people, and friendly to fans. The best to his family.
E.J.F... wrote on January 12, 2006
My deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Hofman. But, correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't Baptist Memorial Hospital imploded last Year?!
cathyreno wrote on January 12, 2006
I too thought that maybe it was only part of the hospital that is gone maybe they have the name of the hospital incorrect .. On a sombre note my deepest sympathies to the family Rest in peace
gareth wrote on January 12, 2006
There is another Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis it opened in 1979. This is the one where Dr Hoffman passed away. The one where where Elvis was taken in August 1977 and where Lisa Marie was born is the one the imploded last year.
cathyreno wrote on January 12, 2006
fair play gareth T C B
Renan Augusto wrote on January 12, 2006
R.I.P. Lester
hillbillycatlover wrote on January 13, 2006
From what I've read about that fateful night, Elvis was prescribed a pain medication with codeine from this dentist. Elvis was allergic to codeine, although some reports say not enough to kill him. I personally can't take codeine because it makes me sick to my stomach. I would have reminded my dentist that I am allergic to codeine. I certainly wouldn't have taken it if I had a twisted colon like Elvis and was already on too many meds for that. Anyone have more info?
cathyreno wrote on January 13, 2006
from documentries I have seen, Elvis had a book with all references to different types of pills and their effects so he could of easily fooled Dr Hofman. And with Elvis's celebrity noone would dare cross him.
tigerpawl wrote on January 16, 2006
Hey Hillbillycatlover I think you got half of it right. What I have learned is that Dr. Hoffman did write Elvis a prescription for pain and some othe medication that he was taking interacted with that causing cardiac arrest. When I was a small child I was one of Dr. Hoffmans patients also but that was after Elvis.
Devon wrote on February 17, 2006
I am so glad to hear that he is gone one less person around who help Elvis with his Addiciton. How long had he knowen that there was something wrong with Elvis. Being in the Medical field he should have seen the sighns.