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FTD Updates April 2006

January 04, 2006 | Music
On April 1, 2006 the Follow That Dream label will release two new CDs. One of them will be a 7" deluxe edition of "Something For Everybody" is the classic albums series. The second CD will be a Memphis Studio outtakes CD which will feature outtakes from the American Sound Studio in 1969, the Stax studio in 1973 and last but not least, outtakes from the Jungle Room sessions at Graceland in 1976.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
whetherman wrote on January 04, 2006
Really looking forward to the "Memphis Studio" CD. Can't get enough of these sessions.
Polk sallad wrote on January 04, 2006
My question is, will there not be any consert release this time? =(
E.J.F... wrote on January 04, 2006
Thankfully, no concert release this time. I think I've had enough versions of "Hound Dog"!the Memphis/ Stax/ Graceland outtakes sounds mighty interesting and "Something For Everybody" was always a fave album of mine so looking forward to these releases. Thanks Ernst & Co.
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on January 04, 2006
very much looking forward to the both releases! thanks for all who has decided to release these!!!
bennie wrote on January 04, 2006
It's looking very good on paper. I only hope (and i'm really worried) that it will all be "new"material from the FTD label and not like the today release which got takes from 6363 sunset. keep my fingers crossed.
lray wrote on January 04, 2006
I believe that Something For Everybody will be done in a simular manner as Elvis Is Back. Disc one would have the original LP, followed by the hit singles, followed by early takes. The second disc would have more alternates. The Elvis Is Back double set is outstanding. I expect Something For Everybody to be outstanding also. Some of Elvis' best music is from the 1960-61 period. So far the planned FTDs for this month and April are very appealing and well planed. A+ for everyone involved.
luckyjackson85 wrote on January 04, 2006
Has FTD given up on the soundtracks ? Originally they were supposed to come out with three every quarter, then one every quarter and now it has come down to once a year! Please FTD come out with a new soundtrack deluxe CD besides "Loving You" . "Loving You" is probably one of the best Elvis movies. But anybody who is a fan of Elvis already has most of these tracks anyway. I'm thinking either "Kissin' Cousins", "Roustabout" or " Girls! Girls! Girls!" would be the best of the soundtracks that they could work on to come out by the end of this new year.
Cruiser621 wrote on January 04, 2006
Garbage in, garbage out. These have all been released on prior BMG and FTD CD issues. It's redundant as hell and is a giant rip-off! Thanks, but no thanks!
JerryNodak wrote on January 05, 2006
Finally. Something I'm actually interested in. I'll actually buy these if they're actually released. Has any of this been confirmed?
vinny wrote on January 05, 2006
jungle room out takes, heres hoping the x rated version of 'HURT' is included only because it shows a side to E we are sometimes deprived off. i have every FTD since the begining but think they are now getting a little limp. are we running out of quality and just pushing out quantity
Ton Bruins wrote on January 05, 2006
The Memphis Studio outtakes will be a great release only when there are "new" outtakes on it and I have my doubts about that. The FTD release "Today" had outtakes on it from other FTD releases. That is not what the FTD label should do again. "Something For Everybody" has not my interest. Vinny, the x-rated version of Hurt will not be on this release because the mastertake has been distroyed; That's what I heard anyway. As I said with all those FTD releases and bootlegs in the past I am really curious if we get some new outtakes here especially from the 69 session...I really doubt it...but who knows. Some new outtakes from The Jungle Room sessions and the Stax studio in 1973 would be very welcome. Let's hope for the best.
artfromtex wrote on January 05, 2006
I don't understand the logic behind the American/Stax/Jungle Room CD. We've already got the "Memphis Sessions" and the "Jungle Room Sessions". Would it not make more sense to just simply add "The Stax Sessions"? I love Essential Elvis Vol. 5 and would really like to hear more outtakes from those sessions. Somehow I get the feeling they're gonna re-tread from that CD and mix it in with other re-treads from the other "Session" CD's. Hey, maybe 'ole Ernst will surprise and put out a CD with no previously released tracks. If I can dream............;D
Rob Wanders wrote on January 05, 2006
Looking forward to the Memphis recordings cd (if it contains new outtakes). There are more outtakes from 76, so hopefully they are going to be used. Also looking forward to the Something For Everybody cd. His voice was at his top in those days. Still waiting for the 1971 outtakes and updates though (and waiting and waiting and waiting and... playing my old "Fool" cd again for "Love me, love the life I lead".)
Ton Bruins wrote on January 05, 2006
Yes, Rob that would be something....an outtake from one of the underrated Elvis songs "Love Me, Love The Life I lead", just love that song....you're right, it's about time to release the 71 session.
Bob wrote on January 06, 2006
Rob, I agree. I'm also waiting for the '71 outtakes, and the other outtakes from '76. That would be something. In the meanwhile I also listen and play my old Fool CD.
Tony D. wrote on January 08, 2006
I still don't understand why one or two people KEEP demanding releases of "Kissin cousins", "Girls, girls, girls" and "Roustabout" when it has been stated SEVERAL TIMES that few or no out-takes have been located or do not exist from these 3 movies!!
Ton Bruins wrote on January 11, 2006
I don't understand either Tony. We had it all once before that old movie stuff. Just let it be...besides what material are we talking about...Elvis movies...wow..!