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Essential Remix Collection

December 25, 2005 | Music
After various cd-singles with remixes of Elvis songs now a 2 CD set with this material has been released in the import circuit. "Essential Remix Collection" contains 26 tracks.

Track listing:

CD 1

Crying In The Chapel (reggae version)
In The Ghetto (reggae version)
Viva Las Vegas
Bossa Nova Baby (extended version)
Way Down (guitar mix)
Burning Love
It’s Only Love (extended version)
Night Life
Rubberneckin’ (2002 mix, Groove mix, Nevins club mix, Elvis VS Pink)
A Little Less Conversation (Eminem mix, M/A/R/R/S mix)
Born To Rock (edit mix)

CD 2

Viva Las Vegas (extended version)
Way Down (guitar mix) extended version
Burning Love (extended version)
Rubberneckin’ (Groove mix instrumental, Jason Nevins extended mix)
Born To Rock (extended version, instrumental version)

Bonus tracks

Suspicious Minds (dance mix)
Kiss Me Quick
Gonna Break Your God Damn Neck (the strung out mix)
Baby, I Don’t Care (soul mix)
ger wrote on December 26, 2005
how do I get a copy
Jth wrote on December 27, 2005
By buying it! ...geeez!
ger wrote on December 27, 2005
where from dipstick
pasa-ryu wrote on December 27, 2005
this cd looks great-gotta get a copy a.s.a.p.!,where too though?,someone plse tell me where to get a copy..thanks.
Jth wrote on December 28, 2005
Have you tried Ebay? Or your local fanclub? Or even better yet, specialized Elvis stores??
Elvisfan50 wrote on December 30, 2005
Kempo, you can buy this cd on Ebay. The item number is 7577051254. Happy New Year!!
Jth wrote on December 30, 2005
Seems like ElvisNews has to put up a section called "Where can I buy this release, mommy?" since just about every other post about a cd release is: "Where can I buy this?"