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This Is Elvis On DVD

December 24, 2005 | Video
We had to wait a few years, but a German label has just released "This Is Elvis" on DVD (144 minutes) according to Elvis Matters. The DVD is supposedly subtitled in Dutch. The DVD has not been digitally restored, but the quality should be crisp clear.

The movie, with lots of original concert footage, gives us an upclose look at the life of Elvis, through his eyes. As a bonus, the film shows a glimpse of the private rooms on Graceland's first floor.
Antjie wrote on December 24, 2005
I suppose we have to be thankful. It is better than nothing (?) However, with hour upon hour of unused footage originally to their disposal, it will be great if Warner Bros. could give as an extended edition of this film. Yeah, I know ... dream on. But it is almost a new year and dreams do come true once in a while. Would be great if it could be in this life time. So many still waiting for: TTWII & OT & E in 50s Extended Editions. Boy, my boy, who will be brave enough? Oops, sorry, I forgot: Money, money, money, it's so funny (no it is not!) it's a rich man's world ...
Santa Claus wrote on December 25, 2005
The news on Elvisnews are getting more worse with every week. It's not your fault the news are boring sometimes for days and weeks. But IF something happens you leave us hanging with trash-news like this. So, what is this? I'm from germany. Haven't seen this DVD in any store during christmas-shopping. Checked Amazon. Nothing. Checked Google. Still nothing. So, what am I going to do with a news like this? Is this an import? An half-official release like the poor Charro-DVD? Will it be available in stores next week or is this only for brave kids that requested it from old St. Nick? So please, if you want to pass news on to your readers: No more "Don't know what it is. Don't know where it is. Don't know if there is anything at all" news.
elvissessions wrote on December 26, 2005
Ho, ho, ho, Santa Claus. We expect to hear details soon about the Web site you'll be starting that's going to do it better than elvisnews.com. ... What's that? That's what I thought. Quiet now.
Santa Claus wrote on December 26, 2005
Excuse me Elvissessions.com that I touched the holy cow. But if you like announcements like this I think I could easily build a site with similar great sensation-announcements that will take you nowhere. Fact is: I have a news like this and there is nothing I can do with it. So, what good is this for?
Vital Pluymers wrote on December 26, 2005
I was able to buy it a few days ago. But since it turned out to be a purple coloured DVD-R, I'm not able to play it in my DVD-player.
Marko wrote on December 29, 2005
I've had this on dvd for a couple of years now. Bought it from getdtsdvd dot com.