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Priscilla And Lisa Marie's Christmas Wishes

December 21, 2005 | People
Here is this year's message from Priscilla and Lisa that comes with this year's fan club president's Christmas CD, but it appeals to all Elvis fans:

Dear Friends,

We cannot thank you enough for your warm and enthusiastic embrace of the Elvis By The Presleys TV/DVD/book project, which was introduced earlier this year. It meant so much to us, to our family and to everyone involved in making this very personal statement. The success and positive reception of this labor of love by you, as well as by new Elvis audiences, is a source of great pride for us personally, along with the Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) staff and the producers.

Over the past year, an exciting change at EPE that had been quietly in the making for some time took you by surprise. EPE partnered with Bob Sillerman and his new company CKX. This is a wonderful development for the growth of EPE and its ability to nurture the Elvis Presley legacy and to reach even larger audiences for Elvis in every part of the world, now and in generations to come. It is also a great development in EPE’s ability to further its outreach to his most ardent fans. We look forward to an even brighter future in the world of Elvis, and to sharing all the excitement of it with you every step of the way.

Thanks so much to you and your Elvis fan club members for all your tireless efforts to support and honor Elvis Presley’s legacy in 2005, particularly when you have reached out in service to your community in his memory. With our abiding love, respect and appreciation to all of you, we wish you a joyous holiday season and a great 2006.


Priscilla Presley
Lisa Marie Presley
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Viva wrote on December 21, 2005
"to reach even larger audiences for Elvis in every part of the world": So undiscovered tribes in the Rainforest can help "nurture the Elvis Presley legacy" by floating their Elvis ducks down the Amazon river. Yeah, the future's bright, the future's trademarked.
elvislady wrote on December 22, 2005
best wishes for christmas and the new year to you both and your familys.
Antjie wrote on December 23, 2005
Thank you. We wish you the best. P.S. Our list for Christmas: 1. TTWII Extended Edition 2. On Tour Extended Edition 3. Elvis In The 50's Extended Edition. Maybe Santa has already left the North Pole, so how about next Chrsitmas?
Sean Ryan wrote on December 23, 2005
To Lisa, why did you go on the howard stern show and let him totally degrade you ,your mum and your dad and not walk off the show? was that your way of getting promotion for the dvd?
Sal wrote on January 06, 2006
Elvis In Concert...Lisa and Priscilla, this has to be released, the market is full of dodgy copies already and most ardent fans will have this. They arent cheap yet look so, blurred, terrible sound, and making the whole scene a lot worse for Elvis. Take a out the controvesy, journalism, poor unhealthy footage and use the film that exists of Elvis looking good, singing well and giving his all. This wasnt a bad performance, true it wasnt his best, but important nonetheless. The scene of Elvis recieving the award was magical! C'mon guys, you know it makes sense!