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And The Right Answer Is...

December 22, 2005 | Other
“Blue Christmas”. That was the song title we were looking for, when, together with Elvis Matters, we asked you “which was Elvis’s all time favorite Christmas song?”. Frank Mingers and Robert Aarts are the lucky winners of this contest. Their 2 tickets for the “Christmas With Elvis” show will be waiting for them at the ticket counter of Cultural center ‘t Getouw in Mol, for the Elvis X-mas show on Friday, December 23rd. For more info visit our Event section.
elvis0964 wrote on December 22, 2005
Truth be told, Elvis said that Blue Christmas was his favorite Christmas song of all the songs he recorded. This is from the 68 Comeback sit-down portion of the show. TCB
yelserp wrote on December 22, 2005
Actually that line is edited in before 'Blue Christmas' - After Elvis actually says that line he goes into 'Santa Claus Is Back In Town'. This can clearly be seen on out-takes instead of the cleverly edited '68 Special.
glynalone wrote on December 22, 2005
Actually the song he introduces as his favourite Christmas song is "Santa Claus Is Back In Town", but that song was originally cut from the NBC TV Special and the intro spliced onto the start of "Blue Christmas". You can hear the unspliced version on the "Tiger Man" CD.
Steve P wrote on December 22, 2005
Gylnalone is so right. Elvis sites like this great one shouldn't make these kinda' mistakes. Elvis LOVED the blues and as expected he said that his favourite Christmas song was "Santa Claus Is Back In Town". RCA did the edit and therefore changed Elvis' stated opinion & historical legacy. You can hear the truthful unspliced version on the "Tiger Man" CD. Let's not spread distorted truths.
elvis0964 wrote on December 23, 2005
i stand corrected....kudos to all....Merry Christmas!....and Santa Claus IS back in town..