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All That I Am

December 20, 2005 | Music
Released on the Mystery Train label is the “All That I Am” import release. Is it all we expect it to be?


In between the dreadful releases some label decides to give the fans something special, even more than we get from SONY/ BMG. This release has one of those designs that stand out from the rest. Quotes for the interview on this CD illustrated with matching images on all the topics you listen to.


The liner notes of this release pretty well describe this release. Elvis, one of, if not the, most famous person in the world was a very private man. In the fifties he gave a series of interviews while on the road. For the remainder of his career we must do with a few press conferences, some talking by Elvis on stage and that pretty much is it.

During the making of “On Tour” co-producer / director Bob Abel managed to sit down with Elvis and frankly discuss his life and reveal some of the background of his life. A variety of subjects passes by. From his (High) School day, his musical inspiration and roots, growing up in a poor environment, the early and later years on stage, his fans, his band and backing vocalists and of course the movie years. Not everything on this release is new, but it is presented as a whole, which makes it an interesting listen.

The CD closes with two good live performances; “Funny How Time Slips Away” (March 31, 1972) and “It’s Over” (April 10, 1972).


As with all talking albums, you’ll probably listen to it only once or twice. With a wide variety of “On Tour” albums currently available, this may be the one you should buy.

Track listing

01- Hiring The Stamps Quartet (March 31, 1972 Los Angeles, CA) 1:21 / 02- Musical Roots (March 31, 1972 Los Angeles, CA) 10:46 / 03- Wild Early Years 6:39 / 04- Entertaining Fans 2:24 / 05- Assembling Singers And Musicians 3:35 / 06- Live Performances 0:40 / 07- Jaycee Awards Speech 2:21 / 08- First Talent Contest 1:40 / 09- His Famous Sideburns 1:01 / 10- Humes High '' Annual Minstrel '' Show, 1953 1:58 / 11- Driving A Truck And SUN Records 1:43 / 12- From The Waist Up 1:19 / 13- Drafted 1:37 / 14- Jealousy And Acceptance 4:03 / 15- Trapped In Hollywood 8:44 / 16- His Entourage 2:09 / 17- Tour Preparation 4:25 / 18- Backstage Discussion (April 15, 1972 Macon,GA) 0:59 / 19- With Denise Sanchez (Albuquerque, NM April 19, 1972) 1:05 / 20- Funny How Time Slips Away (March 31, 1972 Los Angeles, CA) 2:50 / 21- It's Over (April 10, 1972 Richmond, VA) 2:19.

Tracks 3-19 previously unreleased.
You Dont Know Me wrote on December 21, 2005
I'd support this release because of the better audio clarity and the extra stuff i'd never heard before. It makes you sick though when you hear Elvis talking about having to complete those movie contracts