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American Idol Creator To Rebrand Elvis

December 15, 2005 | Other
American Idol creator Simon Fuller is taking charge of Elvis Presley's musical legacy in a bid to continue the late star's enduring popularity. The pop svengali, who masterminded the SPICE GIRLS' world domination, has been offered the chance to rebrand and remarket The King's extensive back catalogue by US entertainment giant CKX. Elvis' estate still generates $45 million (GBP25 million) a year. An insider tells UK industry paper Music Week, "There is so much archive footage with Elvis meeting other stars lots of which has not been seen. There are so many ways it can be exploited, and that is what Fuller has been busy doing.
Source:Elvis Information Network
circleG wrote on December 15, 2005
is this supposed to be 'good' news? i'm beginning to tremble at the thought of 'fast-buck' people like fuller at the helm of such an important job. time will soon tell guess.......
whetherman wrote on December 15, 2005
I agree with cirdleG. Thia is scary stuff.
tangerinebull wrote on December 15, 2005
This is Elvis, not the spice girls,lets just wait and see and give him a chance well it is christmas
byebye wrote on December 15, 2005
"Masterminded the spice girls world domination" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Yeah, that Fuller is so "full of it" that he simply cant help himself from letting it all steam out of his mouth ha ha ha..
Viva wrote on December 15, 2005
Well, as expected with the CKX deal, the transition of Elvis Presley The King to Elvis Presley The Joke is almost complete. This is very bad news indeed, Simon Fuller is to music what fresh air is to fish. Mr Sillerman, both Mrs Presleys, hang your heads in shame. You are responsible for what WILL be the ultimate abuse of Elvis Presley's supreme and unequalled talent. The greatest entertainer of all time is now in the hands of the musical equivalent of Eddie the Eagle.
memphis_flash wrote on December 16, 2005
But wait, give the guy a chance, he created some of the biggest POP phenomonenons of the last century, he might use Elvis' legacy to a positive effect. The King will go on forever for the loyals, but how about the new blood.Let him use his marketing skills to steer The King further into this century!
JerryNodak wrote on December 25, 2005
Another internet rumor run wild.