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Lisa Presley Has No Secret Plans For An Elvis Movie

December 07, 2005 | Other
According to Australia's 'Woman's Day' magazine, Lisa Presley is so impressed by the new Johnny Cash biopic, Walk The Line, that she is planning her own film about Elvis. The report says Lisa wants to honour he father and tell his story from her perspective. It goes on to say that Lisa will not only produce the film, but also co-star, as her mother, Priscilla.

We asked EPE's Todd Morgan for confirmation, his answer: "There's no truth to it whatsoever. It's a total fabrication."
Jth wrote on December 07, 2005
I would love to see Elvis in a theatrical biopic! But I wouldn't want to see Lisa Marie playing her mother
see see rider wrote on December 08, 2005
as long as it was done in good taste. unlike most of the others that have been done except for a couple or three, they've either exaggerated or just flat out lied about this and that. but i do think if one was done, it would draw a big response.
Mofoca22 wrote on December 09, 2005
why would lisa marie want to play her own fathers wife thats silly thats like incest
efan4ever wrote on December 10, 2005
I don't think they should make another movie unless the incorporate all the good things he did. Instead of focusing on all the negative.