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Cover Art Heartbreak Hotel 2006 Re-release

November 30, 2005 | Music
Here is the cover art of the 2006 re-release of "Heartbreak Hotel". The single artwork will emulate that of the EP that was released in April of 1956, as well as the artwork of the original single that was released in a generic RCA paper sleeve.

As for the entire series: each single will be individually packaged in a dynamic mini sleeve reflective of the original single artwork. Preserving the look of the original 45's, each CD will be pressed on black plastic with grooves to mimic vinyl.

Presley's famous first RCA Studios session, recorded just days after his 21st birthday, produced "Heartbreak Hotel." Recorded on January 10th and 11th in 1956, and released just a few weeks later, the epic single spent 8 weeks on the Billboard Top 100 chart at #1. The single crossed genres, topping the country charts for 17 weeks and reaching #3 on the R&B charts. Sony BMG commemorates the 50th anniversary of this legendary recording by re-releasing the 'Heartbreak Hotel' single on January 10, 2006.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises