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The Legendary Guitar Of James Burton

November 25, 2005 | Video
Released earlier this month, ofn the 15th. is the DVD release of the video "The Legendary Guitar of James Burton". This one hour DVD was released by Music Video Distributors.

Take an unforgettable lesson with the best there is. James covers stringbending, pick & finger technique, solo construction, chicken pickin', vibrato, slides, steel effects, phrasing and more. more ยป
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Completely redesigned and with many innovative additions and newly-recorded introductions by leading musicians, these DVD versions of classic Hot Licks titles are far more than simple reissues. The crisp new transfers are accompanied by several new DVD features including slow-motion video with standard pitch audio, and subtitling in Spanish, French, German and Italian.
Cro@kie wrote on November 28, 2005
And why is this not on sale though Amazon.fr ? This is outrageous !
pareto wrote on November 29, 2005
oh la la la