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World Record Is Now Official

November 17, 2005 | Other
Good news from the bailiff of Turnhout; the new world record of Olav Pawlenko has now officially been set. During the record breaking attempt, the bailiff and his co-workers visited Olav Pawlenko 8 times, each time unannounced. These reports, and the complete play-list, will now be added to the official documents.

On a side note: Elvis Matters regrets that the president of the impersonators fanclub Elvis Memories is posting false information on several message boards and websites, stating that the old record was set at 84 hours. This of course, is untrue according to Elvis Matters. What he probably refers to, is a 84 hour radio broadcast from 1987, with interviews and tribute records. It goes without saying that this is a completely different from the world record "non-stop Elvismusic". To wipe out the last shred of doubt Elvis matters will put the official documents on line soon.